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    Another disadvantage of using free phone directories is that none of the unpublished telephone numbers such as the mobile telephones numbers and fax numbers are usually listed in these public phone directories. So you are left with just one reliable option for your address search using a telephone number.
    The reverse phone lookup service websites have bridged the gap between unknown cell phone owners and those that might have been called with such numbers. You may wake up in the morning and receive some nasty text messages on the cell phone without the sender's identity. It may also be that you have some cell phone numbers that seem familiar but you really want to trace the owner's address in order to pin down the owner of such cell phone number. These and many more are legitimate reasons why any body may want to search for address using a phone number.

    With the services of reverse phone lookup directories, you will be provided the background information on any telephone number whether listed or not. On using the services of reverse telephone number lookup directories, you will be availed the name, current address, place of work, marital status etc. Professional reverse phone lookup directories operate by paying to have access into the databases of phone operators and then integrating each telecommunication operator's data into one massive central database, thereby making comprehensive details about telephone numbers easily available to subscribers.
    On the internet there are many services that claim they can provide legitimate, useful and accurate free cell phone reverse lookups. These services cannot do what they claim or intended to do. Free phone lookup services might be able to acquire information using public data bases about the owners of land lines but cell telephone numbers are registered with their service provider and are not available in public date bases. Further, these cellphone numbers are most often no listed in the phone book or in the white pages. Free cell phone reverse lookups are often a waste of time for a couple of reasons. There is no free public directory for them to access information from, if they do have information they can give the user inaccurate or out of date listings and addresses and even if they could provide information they would be a threat to consumer privacy.

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    Is there any free reverse phone lookup service that can used to unveil the address of a phone owner using a phone number? This question has worried the minds of many at one time or the other. The truth is that you can find the details of the listed telephone number users such as the land lines without paying a dime. These listed numbers are usually placed in the free public phone directories where anybody can easily access the information contained therein. The downside of this is that most of the information is not usually updated so you may discover that the phone owner might have moved to another address while the free public phone directory still has the former address for such person.

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