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    Jian Agbayani : This helmet/jersey combo is perfet for a child. Ours has stood up to many "games" in the living room and the back yard. My five year old has had his for 2 years now and its still in great shape after what I'd call heavy use. He's worn the jersey to school several times too.
    Callum Mccarthy : Good quality, and they stretch enough to nearly fit the baby bjorn portable crib mattress. For the price, I think they are worth it, but I may end up just buying the expensive sheets from baby bjorn so the mattress doesn't bow.
    Tahlia Dale : I love this movie!! I went and saw the show in Las Vegas, NV. at the Paris Hotel & Casino and I can honestly say that I fell even more in love with the movie. I would pay to watch the show again. I had seen the movie prior to watching the show but that didn't change how I felt about the movie. As soon as I got back from the show, I bought this movie and a couple CD's. I can honestly say that I watch this show every Friday night before or as I am going to sleep. Franki's voice in the movie helps quiet my mind and puts me into a deep relaxing state and almost always I fall asleep to the movie - it's just one of those comforting movies. Reminds me of when I was a little guy, I had to watch the Land Before Time or the Lion King before I could fall asleep. It actually got to the point that my mom would just put one of those movies on as a "night light" and/or a bribe to get me to go to sleep. This movie is like that... Funny, comforting (as I grew up listening to my grandparents playing oldies or doo-whop), and moreover just down right entertaining! I know you will enjoy this movie if you just give it a shot!
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