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    There is so much choice when deciding what hair extensions to buy, making a decision on the best product for you can be overwhelming. To keep things simple and to help you make the right decision, consider CHUQ:

    1 . Colour Choice

    2 . Hair Quality

    3. Use

    4. Quantity

    1 . Colour choice: There is nothing worse than ordering extensions and receiving a colour you weren't expecting. So make sure the online seller can provide you with a colour chart to help you make the best selection. But remember that it is almost impossible to replicate the actual colours on a computer monitor. So what looks good on the screen may not be ideal when you receive it. Therefore , try to organise a sample of hair from the supplier so that you can make sure the colour is what you expect.

    If you can't find the exact colour you need, keep in mind that you can always dye extensions if they are 100% human hair. If you decide to go for this option, try to select an extension colour that is lighter than the final required. You can then dye the extensions to the required darker shade. Lightening extensions is harsher on the hair and will potentially cause more damage.

    2 . Hair Quality: This is such an important consideration when purchasing extensions. Hair quality can vary greatly, with the best lasting 12 months and poor quality lasting just a few days. First, ensure you are buying remy hair. This has been arranged so that all the cuticles are facing the same direction. By using this product, the hair is much less likely to tangle than non-remy hair. Non-remy will quickly tangle becoming matted and unmanageable. The end result is that you'll need to remove the extensions (not ideal! ).

    If money is no object, then look to purchase virgin hairvirgin hair which hasn't been treated with any chemicals. This may last up to 12 months, is easy to control and looks fantastic. For many, that virgin price tag is too severe and not really worth it looking at most of us like to change each of our style every few months. Continually don't purchase virgin hair, make sure you chose remy hair.

    There are three main designs: Indian, European and China. As a general rule, Indian hair is definitely thicker than European nevertheless thinner that Chinese hair. So if you have thin hair, its best to steer clear of China hair. However, those with thicker hair would probably be far better to avoid European hair. An excellent medium is Indian hair as it is still of good level of quality and would suit many types of hair.

    3. Employ: What are you getting extension cables for and what type of life-style do you lead? If you want extension cables for a school formal, wedding party, or have a big night out organized, then clip on extension cables may be the best option for you. Place be added in just a short while and tend to be cheaper as opposed to adding permanent extensions. As well, if you lead an active life-style and often partake in activities just like swimming, you may be best to select clip on extensions for them to be removed and refuses to get damaged.

    For many, that chore of adding and so removing clip ons may be too much. If this feels like you, and you want to use extensions every day, then opt for permanent extensions. There are many different solutions and discussing each will require a whole separate document! One caution though, for those who have extremely damaged hair, or hair that breaks very easily, clip on extensions are recommended as they are much less likely to cause damage. It is best to discuss this with your hair extensionhair extension provider to make sure yours is suitable for permanent extensions.

    4. Quantity: You will often hear a hair dresser say "you'll need 200 extensions for your type". However , you need to remember that extensions come in a range of weights. The common weights are 0. 5g, 0. 7g, 0. 8g and 1 . 0g strands. So if you get advice regarding how many extensions you need, make sure you find out what weight extension they are referring to. As a general rule, if you have short or very thick hair, you'll need a lot more extensions than someone with fine or long just wanting a bit of extra volume. If you can, send a picture of yours to the website you are looking to purchase the extensions from. They should be able to provide advice on how many extensions are required.

    With the huge range of extension products out there, it's important to research what you're buying before you make that purchase. A lot of retailers don't offer refunds if the product has been opened. This is for health reasons so make sure you choose wisely. In saying that, if you consider CHUQ when making your purchase, you're much more likely to choose the right product for you. Stunning hair with lots of volume is within your reach!

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