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    At this year's ap booth, best swiss replica watches a watchmaker held up his scrub tool and asked me to try it on a piece of metal. Surprisingly, the matte gold has a slightly gritty texture. For a tactile experience you wouldn't normally encounter in tabulating, this interesting texture lends Audemars Piguet's millennium matte gold opal dial a contemporary atmosphere. The technology was first used in the 2016 royal oak gold collection, developed by the Associated Press in collaboration with Florentine jewelry designer Carolina Bucci. Even though the name gives this gold hammer technique a seductive, wait until you see and feel the effect, it creates a solid gold surface. The gold glittered with delicate frosts and seemed to have been sitting in the fridge all night. To "frost" a piece of gold, a diamond-encrusted instrument is applied to the surface, creating tiny dents that sparkle in the light.

    In addition to the man with the scrub stick, an Associated Press craftsman demonstrated the technique behind the polished gold mesh bracelet. Similar to the milan bangle, the polish bangle is made of long coiled wire and is pink in gold. Unlike the milanese bracelet, where coiled wires are arranged in the same direction, the polish bracelet weaves wires in different directions to create a richer, more refined visual texture.

    Audemars Piguet's thousand-year-old frosted gold opal dial is my watch fantasy come true. Aesthetically and technically appealing, this thousand-year gold opal dial has a pulsating heart on its sleeve, incorporating volume, texture and light in a contemporary tone. This millennial watch is feminine and confident, a complete departure from traditional women's watches. As francois-henri Bennahmias, chief executive of Audemars Piguet, likes to say: "women's watches should not be limited to shrinking, replica mens watches pinching and adding a few diamonds.

    "And, as you will see,audemars piguet royal oak replica watch absolutely no shrinkage, pink or diamond about millennial frosted gold. Technically known as an "oval" -- not the kind you'd find in a gym -- this millennial oval box has an organic, inbuilt femininity. Oval or egg-shaped shells aren't common, but they do occasionally appear in high-end watchmaking, such as Ulysse Nardin's Jade or Breguet's Reine DE Naples watch and girard-perregaux Cat's Eye. The 39.5 mm pink gold case is a thousand-year matte gold case that looks large on paper, but when worn, its elongated oval case stretches horizontally across the wrist, providing a wide window for the attractive dial.

    Calibre 5201's three-dimensional structure is an integral part of watch aesthetics. Adjustment organs - balance, tray and escapement - are placed on the side of the watch's dial so that the wearer can see the moving heart at a glance. The e 5201 oval was made by the Associated Press for millennial families. This manual winding machine consists of 157 parts, 49 hours of power reserve and 3Hz frequency, which can keep hours, minutes and seconds in perfect sync. Like many ap sports, it is adorned with cordeneuve stripes and perlage, with a rugged industrial feel, exposed screws and plenty of steel Bridges.

    Described as the chameleon of gems, opal's performance is unique on earth. The precious opal is known for its fascinating "color play", flashing rainbow colours based on light and viewing angles. This unique hypnotic spark is caused by diffraction of light from silica microspheres that have been deposited inside the stone. This is the first time opals have been used in the millennium series -- they were introduced back in 1995 -- and both off-center hours and minutes and intersecting second plates are made of white opals. Cutting is notoriously tricky because of its inherent fragility. Two white opals carved magical grooves on the luxury watches replica dial from the 1970s.

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