Box structure of hot air aging test box

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Box structure of hot air aging test box

The hot air aging test box mainly promotes the aging of the test piece by means of thermal cycling. It uses a relatively strong inward airtightness. It has an air-use device for drawing and changing the inner box, and it is also equipped with a function to automatically cut off and protect the use after over-temperature. .

The thermal cycle system is a combination of a fan that can be used continuously at high temperatures and can run for a long time and a special channel installed, so that the temperature in the working room can be kept in a uniform state for a long time. A low-speed turntable is also installed in the ventilation aging test case, which improves the efficiency of use.

The box body of the hot air aging test box is insulated and installed with plagiarized glass fiber insulation cotton. This use can avoid energy loss. On the left side of the box, a 50mm test hole is installed. Such a test hole can be connected to a test power supply and a signal line. In this way, the ventilation time and the ventilation speed can be set and adjusted by themselves.

For the structure of this box, the ventilating aging test box has a large test window for observation, and the interior is equipped with a lighting lamp to maintain the brightness of the box. Based on the tempered glass used, a clear observation box can be realized at any time The use of specific data.

The hot air aging test box is mainly used to test cables, wires and rubber test pieces of insulator equipment. It is mainly used to compare the tensile strength test and elongation test of the test piece before and after aging.

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