Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe

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Since 2007 the electronic cigarette craze has taken off in a big way. Today there are literally millions of people using them all around the world. Why? Simply because they are helping people kick the cigarette habit in the butt for good. "I smoked for 30 years and wish I never started Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping," says Jessy McMillan, 51, at a local vape shop in Manhattan, NY. "I went to my doctor to find a way to quit and he even suggested I try e-cigs, So, I did and over a year later I have not touched one cigarette, which I am so proud of. Vaping has helped me kick the cigarette habit and I am so thankful for the vape movement - it's saving lives. Julie Edwards, 47, has also been a long-time smoker. "I smoked for 25 years and about six months ago I tried vaping. I was sold right away - it works and I have been off the butts completely," she says during an interview at an electronic cigarette store in downtown Toronto, ON, Canada. While the vaping craze keeps growing, many are questioning if they are healthy or not. More studies however are proving that vaping is way, way safer than "puffing on the butts." A new study by leading scientists proves that electronic cigarettes pump out pure vapor which has no toxic effect on the cells found in human lungs. Fresh research funded by British American Tobacco has suggested inhaling nicotine vapor could be as safe as breathing air. To perform its experiments, the tobacco giant teamed up with the MatTek Corporation, which makes models of human cells used in 'in vitro' laboratory experiment, reports the Daily Mail. Scientists then used a smoking robot to expose these lung cell replicas to tobacco smoke, the vapor from two different brands of e-cig and just plain old air Marlboro Cigarettes Website. When exposed to old-fashioned smoke for six hours, the cells died. But after subjecting the cells to an "aggressive and continuous" dose of vapor, researchers discovered the damage to the airway tissue was "similar to that of air Newport 100S Cigarettes." "By employing a combination of a smoking robot and a lab-based test using respiratory tissue, it was possible to demonstrate. the e-cigarette aerosols used in this study have no [toxic] effect on human airway tissue,' says Dr. Marina Murphy, BAT's head spokesperson. The study took place over a period of several months and the findings were just released this week. The electronic cigarette industry is booming and those who are in the business certainly take deep interest in the countless number of studies that are carried out by scientists. Enter Joel Hanmore. He opened up his own online e-cig shop two years ago and he is selling a variety of e-cig-box products to former smokers around the world. His business is booming. "There are all sorts of studies out there, but the one just carried out from BAT is very interesting on many levels," he says. "I have been in the e-cig business for a while now and former smokers continually tell me how fast their lungs are healing when they vape for a long period of time. While the debate over the safety of vaping continues it is clear that most health experts collectively agree that vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes Cheap Cigarettes. Dr. Michael Siegel, who is a professor in the department of community health sciences at Boston University's school of public health, welcomed the latest study by BAT as evidence of the safety of electronic cigarettes. "Despite the limitations of the research, it adds additional evidence to support the contention that vaping is a lot safer than smoking," says Dr. Siegel during an interview. He called on public health bodies and anti-tobacco groups to encourage smokers to swap to vaping - a step which would "transform the nicotine market and achieve a huge public health victory." Meanwhile Hanmore, like other online e-cig operators, is worried that the Canadian government will put a ban on e-cigs and vaping boxes of sorts. "It would be suicide if our government Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, and other governments around the world for that matter, made e-cigs illegal. I am hearing from hundreds of people on a weekly basis that e-cigs are helping people kick the cigarette habit for good. Why would our government, or any government, want to hurt its own people? E-cigs are revolutionary on the health front and health practitioners and politicians alike should embrace change that's for the better Buy Cigarettes Online," adds Hanmore.

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