Electronic Cigarettes Are Harmful To Your Lungs

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Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes are marketed as a potentially safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, according to a new study, they can still cause harm to human lungs. A new study, presented in Vienna at the annual congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, presented one more evidence in the debates about the safety of alternative nicotine containing products.

Electronic Cigarette is an electronic device which delivers nicotine in human body using steam, without combustion process, but the nicotine in e-cigarettes is still obtained from tobacco. About the effectiveness and safety of this type of cigarettes were conducted different arguments Cheap Cigarettes, but however, scientific evidence that supports one or another part, was insufficient.

Researchers from the University of Athens in Greece, explored the short-term effects of using electronic cigarettes on different people, including people with no health problems, tobacco cigarette smokers with lung diseases and without lung diseases. In this study were involved 8 people who have never smoked cigarettes, 24 smoking tobacco cigarette people, 11 people of them have normal lung functions, and last 13 people had either chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma.

Each participant used the electronic cigarettes for 10 minutes. After this the scientists rated airway resistance in a series of tests, including spirometry. The results of this experiment showed that in all the participants, after using electronic cigarettes were found immediate increases in airway resistance.

significant increase in airway resistance from 182% to 206% - In healthy participants (who never smoked)

from 176% to 220% increased in Smokers with normal spirometry

in patients with asthma and COPD the use of one electronic cigarette did not have an immediate effect on airway resistance.

These results do not answer the question are the electronic cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes or not. Nevertheless, this study helps us understand how such devices can be potentially harmful.

"Electronic cigarettes are harmful to health not less than usual" Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online, claims in a report the United States Department of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Newport 100S Cigarettes. Devices created as safe to health alternative to tobacco cigarettes, working on the principles of ultrasonic atomization of nicotine and based on cold vapor generator, contain dangerous toxins, the document says.

In accordance with the report of FDA Buy Cigarettes Online, under laboratory studies of 19 kinds of electronic cigarettes from different manufacturers, was revealed a high content of various chemicals in their vapor, including such as diethylene glycol - a component of antifreeze, nitrosamines - which leads to cancer. In addition, the examination has proved the presence of impurities of nicotine in the liquids (for electronic cigarettes) composition, where, according to the manufacturers it is not present Newport Menthol Cigarettes.
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