When the sun was setting

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When the sun was setting, I sat by the window and looked up at the sky Online Cigarettes. The golden juice slowly cascaded down, bathing my body and soul, and I felt extremely sweet and happy. The colors of the dusk have always been fascinated by people Marlboro Cigarettes, and people are always obsessed with the beauty. The setting sun paints spectacular scenes under the painter's pen. In the writer's pen, golden dreams are woven, and the brilliant colors make people have unlimited imagination. Throughout the hearts of ancient literati, benevolence sees benevolence, and wise sees wisdom. "The desert is smoky and straight, the long river is setting sun," This is Wang Wei's immortality, "The setting sun is infinitely good, just near dusk" This is Li Shangyin's sigh ... The setting sun is very short, it disappears faster than the rainbow, and it fades more than the night epiphyte. Be quiet. But its scene is very solemn and warm. I always associate the sun with my parents, and always associate the light of the sun with my parents' love for me. I once compared the sun to my parents. However, I am always afraid that one day, my sun will not rise again. I know clearly that one day, my parents will no longer be the sun of my sky, illuminate my sky, and warm my heart. Sooner or later, they will leave me forever, to a distant place unknown to me, and will not come back to accompany me. Whenever I see the tired body of my parents, I feel very uneasy. I grew up happily, but I felt more guilty. The hard work made my parents grow older Parliament Cigarettes, which made me feel panic but at a loss. The sun slowly set down and became bigger and bigger and rounder. My parents' love for me is like the glory of the sun. The thick, deep, great love will never die. Maybe one day, my parents really have left me, or no longer have the ability to give me more love, but how can my parents' true love stop? The fall of the sun will lift tomorrow's sunrise. The aging of my parents will make me return more love to them and the society. The sun will never change its own direction because of changes in the surrounding environment. Parents will never change their true love for us because of the passage of time. They will always sprinkle love on us as always, because children are the blood We grasp every love, every touch, every true feeling in life, bearing in mind every eternal beauty, we will transform true love into a sun that never falls, warming the hearts of all people. The sun will fall, but the love that our parents have for us will never fall. The love that our parents love for us will never fall , Burning a more beautiful legend!

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