As far as I know, China's

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As far as I know, China's major project: the Three Gorges Project has been completed. Some people say that the Three Gorges Project has brought many disasters and consumed a lot of energy; while others say that the Three Gorges Project is a great breakthrough in China. Which statement is correct? Let's pay attention! Maybe everyone will ask: "How much flood can the Three Gorges Reservoir swallow?" I think the Three Gorges Reservoir should be able to swallow a lot of floods. Because I think that the Three Gorges can be called a reservoir, the flood control capacity should be very high. Let ��s take a look at the detailed introduction on the Internet: After the completion of the Three Gorges Reservoir, the total water storage is 39.3 billion cubic meters, and the flood storage capacity is 22.15 billion cubic meters. The flood discharge to the middle and lower reaches can reduce the peak flow to 56,700 cubic meters per second. Without using the Jingjiang River to divide the flood, the flood can pass through the Jingjiang River safely, and the flood control standard of the Jingjiang River section will be increased from one encounter to a hundred years Encounter. Even in the event of a flood in a thousand years, the storage of the Three Gorges Reservoir and the Jingjiang flood diversion measures can ensure the safety of the Jingjiang embankment. In this way, the threat of flood to Wuhan city is reduced, and the threat of flood and sedimentation in the Dongting Lake area is reduced, thereby ensuring the safety of the middle and lower Yangtze River area. Students, do you understand? What will the water storage of the Three Gorges Project bring us? This is a hot topic recently Online Cigarettes. The water storage capacity of the Three Gorges Project will never be small. I think the water storage of the Three Gorges Project can bring us more convenient transportation; the stored water can also send light; adding a more beautiful scene to the Three Gorges! Maybe some people don't think so. The Three Gorges Reservoir has brought great inconvenience to people's lives. The Three Gorges Reservoir is the largest flooded reservoir in the world. How can the Three Gorges Reservoir cause inconvenience to people? Let ��s take a look together: Therefore Parliament Cigarettes, none of the 356 townships involved in the flooding of the Three Gorges Reservoir were completely flooded Marlboro Gold. The county created favorable conditions. Why can't people resettlement leave the county? It is simply to control people's living conditions!
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