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Iron Dwarves are a highly complex race of dwarves whose language is written in iron. Iron Dwarves live in the Iron Kingdoms of Kalimdor in the far north. Most of them work as miners and smiths, but there are also many Iron Dwarves who have traded and worked with humans for centuries. This is reflected in their culture, which is often very independent and free-spirited. Many people in Kalimdor have heard of the Iron Dwarves, because it's well known that they are incredibly aggressive and savage, but nobody knows much about them. Even in this part of the world, Iron Dwarves do not feel threatened by other races.

The Druid in World of Warcraft is a hybrid class that serves the function of a tank with access to both healing and damage abilities. While only the Ranger can be considered a true tank, it's clear that Druids are, by far, one of the more popular classes in the game due to the ability to deal incredible damage to both the character and the mobs.

In World of Warcraft Game Update 8.8, there is a well-hidden Raid Hall, called "A Hermit's Hideaway" (the riddle was posed by the Halls of Reflection quest). Players who visit this raid dungeon as a group must search for a golden skull on a small island. The skull is on the small rocky island between two rocks. By the way, if you need to cheap wow classic gold, it is recommended that you go to lootwowgold.com to buy, there are excellent services.

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