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During the War, warlocks were recruited by the Legion. When the demon Horde launched an invasion of Azeroth, warlocks joined the ranks of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and tried to aid them. Some warlocks were in a weakened state from previous battles and were greatly outnumbered. With the aid of the Death knight Rommath, a battalion of adventurers joined forces with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. With their help, the Warlocks defeated the assault on the compound the summoning was being used in and freed all the trapped demons.

In World of Warcraft Game Beta Patch 5.1.0, Scourge Demon Hunters have gained a powerful new 1-shot ability, Surging Mist. First used by Preceptor Garif, Surging Mist allows the Demon Hunter to attack the target, dealing approximately 15k weapon damage to enemies directly in front of the Demon Hunter. The ability can be used up to 2 times per second, and the damage is increased by approximately 20% per level of the Demon Hunter (up to an effective 50% damage per second if used multiple times in a row). It deals the same damage to any monster that is standing in the area of effect, not just the player.

As the Sunwell's energy was exhausted, the resulting flood of magical energy eventually knocked the Black Empire back to Draenor. The Dark Portal later existed, but it was long buried under a volcano, while the Black Empire and its Horde allies were driven away, leaving Azeroth unguarded. As a result, the night elves were the first in a line of draenei who were willing to spend much of their remaining years as slaves to the orcish Horde. Before his resurrection, the Lich King had controlled the Zandalari Empire for over a hundred years. He chose the Horde as his new starting point from which to claim domination over the entire world.[2] It was until the Cataclysm that the Lich King rose to power. With the war against the Alliance and Horde nearly over and Azeroth nearly broke open from the war that erupted, Frostmourne was used as an ultimate weapon of destruction. From afar, it fell upon the capital of Azeroth.

Classic Blizzard Entertainment designers Michael Morhaime, Jeff Kaplan and Duncan Hines met at Blizzard Headquarters in Irvine, California, in 1992. They began to share an affinity for World of Warcraft, the fantasy themed online game they helped develop together for the new game's launch in October of that year. On March 24, 1994, after working together for several months, Jeff Kaplan became Lead Designer for World of Warcraft while still earning an income at Blizzard. On April , 2020, Ryan Graham became the lead story designer for World of Warcraft, the next man in line to serve as the Lead Designer and World of Warcraft's Game Director. lootwowgold.com website has excellent service and 100% order completion rate, you can buy Cheap WoW Classic Gold here.

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