Many of our customers have replaced floors to add new colors

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At Goodwood, we like to do different things, not just to be different, but because we want to bring something a little bit above average to our customers. In the plantation shutters we painted, we used a special kind of wood.
The founder of our company is a carpenter. In fact, he started working in the carpenter industry until the economy and life brought him a new direction (I believe some of you can connect with the status quo in the world today). Therefore, when he decided to make blinds, he chose a maple that was best suited to plantation blinds from his experience.
Why is Maple? In a word, power.
Maple is about twice as dense as the industry standard blinds such as alder and poplar. What does this mean for you, the buyer? It's very bad in the long run. Your blinds are stapled together with the fasteners, and the blinds are tilted to the bar. Time and product use put pressure on these fasteners. In softer woods, such as alder and poplar, they often loosen over time. As a result, the shutter did not work as planned. Goodwood blinds guarantee that there will never be this problem, and if there is, it will be covered by our warranty.
Have you ever had pine furniture? Have you noticed how easy it is to dent something if something accidentally hits the wood? The same is true of poplar or alder blinds, which are prone to dents and clangs under slight impact, thereby increasing the wear appearance of the blinds.
The strength of maple also gives us the ultimate flexibility in design.
Height: Goodwood shutters do not require intermediate rails (also known as divider rails) until 96 inches tall. The industry standard is 72〃. This means you can use Goodwood's custom-made maple shutters to add another two feet of barrier-free shutter space.
In terms of width: the shutters are guaranteed to be 38 inches wide, and customers have the greatest flexibility when designing shutters, which are best suited to their space without being restricted by industry standard shutters.
I often meet customers who are confused about the materials used in plantation shutters and the pricing that comes with them.
My advice to them and you is-
Plantation shutters are one of the largest financial investment windows you can handle. They will provide beauty and protection for many years. Not all blinds are created equal. In an economy where every dollar is valuable, we all want to make sure our money is spent wisely.
Choose a plantation shutter and it will give you the best product experience throughout the life of the shutter, not just at the beginning. It's also important to choose a company you can trust to provide you with quality customer service, whether before sales or after installing blinds. In my life experience, this is real value, and it pays dividends long after the check is cleared at the bank.
After I share my favorite sentence, I will end it (and leave my soap box). I try to live every day in the products I buy for myself and my home.
"Bad bitterness lingers long after forgetting the sweetness of low prices.

This article is a very special project about Goodwood shutters. We just installed walnut shutters in the office of Oklahoma State University head coach Gandy. Go poke!
Our company is a "blood orange" made up of many people, and no one is better than our boss, Chris. So needless to say, we are honored to have the opportunity to participate in this project.
But let's talk about the blinds, there are several unique features to note this item.
1) These are walnut hardwood Plantation shutters. Walnuts are beautiful, but because of the large amount of sapwood in the wood, it is difficult to finish. Sapwood produces a large number of color changes throughout the wood. In this work, we used "quality" walnut, which contains less sapwood than normal, and our finishing department spends a lot of time adjusting custom finishes between coats to keep the wood grain beautiful Gives the wood a nice uniform look.
2) Wall curve: This office is located in the end area of ​​the stadium, we have to consider the curvature of the half wall where the shutters are located. During the installation process, we reduced the field trimming to fit the curve of the wall, so that it had a nice uniform display over the length of the wall.
3) The plantation shutters slide on the track: this is a great choice for sliding doors. We built a frame around the blinds, allowing two rails to be installed on top of the frame. Cars are mounted on the top of the blinds, which can then be bypassed to each other in order to enter the doors or to move above the doors and the blinds open.
4) 4 1 / 2-inch hidden blinds: This is becoming one of our most popular product features. Check out the photos below to see how good this feature is!

Although we have many customers moving into new homes, we are seeing more and more customers choosing to stay and update existing homes.
A challenging update on how reshaping faces brings new finished colors to complement existing mill work, rather than compete with it.
We help our clients achieve this goal with a few different suggestions.
The fastest and easiest way? Cover it! This can easily be mounted on top of an existing enclosure with a custom shutter and its frame. We provide several different framework profiles, and customers can choose their favorite one.
If you want to light a room with a dark mill, choose a painted shutter. We have 18 different stock whites, or we can customize colors according to your favorite samples. I suggest you stay away from bright white if you have a stained wooden shell. Choose a warm white with a cream tone and even a light tan. Then it will complement, instead of fighting, your existing colors.
Do you like your mill work, but want to make it look new? Add a new, complementary staining color! Many of our customers have replaced floors to add new colors. A natural way to continue this flow is by adding custom completed plantation shutters to their windows. These two grounding elements in a room, windows and floor, and key emphasis added in a similar decoration will change a room.
There is no doubt that the new custom shutters add style and vitality. Whether your goal is to compliment existing mill work with a custom match done in blinds, or turn it into something fresh and new, Goodwood blinds can help.

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