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Success is judged by others, and happiness is felt by yourself. Since my child went to junior high school, I have always been stingy about my child's learning. This is all I have in my life. I have no ego at all. I lost sleep after the party that night and suddenly thought of the words success and happiness. Twenty years ago, we were in the years of passion, and we dreamed about the future; 20 years later, we managed our own life and enjoyed the sweetness and bitterness brought by life. Twenty years later, I did not succeed. I am not a wealthy billionaire, nor am I a dignitary of power. I can only be regarded as a pivotal "person" in our family. I have a finger who fights, where he goes, pets his wife, and his children Economically applicable husband, although not high-end atmosphere, but also considered a low-key and restrained opinion; although it can not give me riches and riches, but it can also make me feel satisfied. It seems that success does not necessarily mean happiness. Happiness does not require success. Thinking that when I was a kid, my parents didn't pressure me to study Newport Cigarettes, I had my own choice and space. But now that I am a mother, I cannot give my children full trust and freedom, and always tie their children to their studies. I can't help thinking: what am I after? What do I want my child to pursue? My mother-in-law has always been dissatisfied with how I compare my children to others' children. She always said, "When you reach our age, you won't value these things any more." Her old man's view of child rearing is the same as that of her father and mother: Adults are more important than success. A while back, she said to her: When I came back from the United States, I was envious of my current life. When I saw that the children I educated were filial, I knew that my old life was very happy. I am very content now! You must also be content! " At the same time, it is definitely inspiring us! In fact, I know very well that I haven't done that well, it's just that the old people's requirements are not high Marlboro Cigarettes. My gradual increase in happiness is really due to the influence of the old people. Treat life with an ordinary mind! Treat others with a heart of gratitude! Think again, I should have changed the child's mentality. Learning-success-happiness Wholesale Cigarettes, is not necessarily a cause and effect connection! Therefore, what I want to make clear now is that letting children understand what success they should pursue is a goal, and happiness is a state of mind.
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