gentleness gave him a surprised surprise

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The Yan flies exultation and seizes an opportunity a person who grasp the gentleness, then takes her to get on the car.The Yan flies on the bridge house to drive, the gentleness sits on his flank.The Yan flies of the driver, early was beaten hair by him to walk, this time, the light bulb absolutely disallows to appear.
Wait until Yan to fly to drive car up the superhighway, the gentleness says:"Is small to fly, are you to give offense to rice the people in Africa?"
The Yan flies heart in a surprised, the reducing of subconscious local train hurriedly asks a way soon:"Is small soft, why do you ask this question?"
The gentleness says:"After you left Africa soon, rice country the CIA detective found out us to have no national boundary doctor's organization and inquire us to have to accept to once cure a China person.I see their descriptions, they say of the China person should be you."
The Yan flies to ask a way right away:"That are you how to says?"
The gentleness says:"Luckily I advanced to all beat hello for our doctor of hospital and the nurseses and let them kept secret for you.So when those CIA to seek they ask words of time, they all concealed for you and all said didn't accepted to once cure China person, also didn't once saw China the person appearing here.So you trust, those CIA detectives have no from we here get concerning one of your information."
Before Yan flies understand, oneself the biggest loophole for leaving in Africa be at have no national boundary the doctor organize of the career.However he also not ability will that have no national boundary the doctor organize of all of the person kill off to kill, he didn't°yet think like how face this loophole, have never thought gentleness gave him a surprised surprise, wholesale Plantation shutters the gentleness incredibly and silently has no voice interest of help him to put even this affair, calculate ascend to fly for Yan a specially meet a gift.
The Yan flies to impassionedly say:"Is small soft, thanked you really too, you solved one for me big bother, really don't know how to thank you."
The gentleness says with smile:"Is small to fly, I see the style that you work feel that you are a good person, you can't do wrong, I would help you, so you need not thank mine.I know that you have an archduke department and hope that you can throw in funds to carry on a medical science research, studying quickly can cure the medicine that the Ai Bo pulls virus, so is to my biggest repay."
The Yan flies this to just know, gentleness be not is pure to come to China tour of, but want to tell him the affair that takes place in Africa, let him know farely well.Gentleness of looking the other way, the sunlight shines on on her face, the sanctity is matchless, the Yan flies a momentary Chi.
The gentleness suddenly shouts loudly:"Is small to fly, the attention sees a front and before has a car!"
The Yan flies this to just return to absolute being and avoids the vehicle of letting the front and starts with concentration driving and return to evil all.In the evil city area, he early and early scheduled to like room.The gentleness isn't that kind of bashful girl, now that come China, so completely listen to the arrangement that the Yan flies, also at enmity with he says the affair of money.
The Yan flies in the evening and gentleness have a China dinner of tunnel, this dinner let the gentleness eat wreathed in smiles, connect say China the delicacies live up to reputation, be feel some vegetableses have a little hot.Then the Yan flew to take a gentleness to sight-see evil all outside pool the night scene and other is some famous tourist spots, show gentleness click the tongue in curiosity.She grew up in the rice country since the childhood, in the essential medium of rice country, the image of China usually accompanied with a whereabouts after and poor, there was even also reporter Yi to think China the man still stay a plait now.So rice the people or many or little embrace prejudice to the Chinas, is gentleness no exception, now a see still want than rice country New York prosperous evil all landscape, immediately don't already marvel, feel that oneself falls into trap to cheat. wooden shutters blinds

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