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Rough and magnificent picture of life-Reading "The Red Sorghum Family" felt that as a Nobel Prize winner, Mo Yan received great attention. However, not all of his works are willing to explore. After reading the "Red Sorghum Family", I discovered that the eternal life charm contained in its text. The story told by td tall sorghum "is not as weak as later hybrid sorghum", which symbolizes the tenacity of Gaomi Northeast Township. How terrible it was that the whole town was massacred by the Japanese army, but people still have to fight, their lives are burning, the red firelight reflects the magnificence of their hearts, and the red sorghum on the land has reddened the world. All the contradictions have been entangled by the flames. The bandits, the Communist Party, the Kuomintang, and the common people, in the face of the wicked Japanese army, even if they were still fighting alive for a second, they did not hesitate to stab at the enemy at this moment. In the age of war, every life is rough and angular, but it can also be melted and forged together. Perhaps this magnificent painting can only be produced at this time. Cheng Mazi is a typical "shunmin", indifferent to the current situation Cheap Cigarettes, and has a beautiful face for the ruler. This kind of life can only serve as a dark background. But once betrayed his neighbors to the Japanese army because of fear, and after killing more than a dozen lives, he joined the Eighth Route Army and killed the enemy heroically all day long. After doing his work, he hanged himself in dog skin, "a dog from the back and a man from the front Carton Of Cigarettes." It turns out that such a humble and even despised person Marlboro Lights, as long as he has a good conscience, still has human nature, and can also give life a unique color! Where the novel is most brilliant, it writes a sense of vicissitudes that spans time. Insertion and flashback shattered the story. The titles of "grandfather", "grandma" and "father" are used throughout the text, but the host was still a youth and a child. All kinds of perversions and absurdities make people appreciate that despite the eternity of time, the beautiful life in the pen is unchangeable, yet it is full of tragedy, but its humanity is bright and red, and it is mature. Human youth has passed away in the struggle, but what's more important in the struggle, people have transformed into real "capitals". Can we today understand the true meaning of life from that rough and magnificent picture?
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