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When I was in middle school, I was very impressed with Chekhov's "Chameleon". I collated the book some time ago and accidentally turned to this article mokingusacigarettes.com. I was curious about Chekhov. I searched and found that the Russian novelist has many classic masterpieces These articles are thought-provoking Marlboro Gold. Reading "The Man in the Set" made me feel that the image in "The Man in the Set" also exists in reality. Some people say that "The Man in the Set" has deeply exposed the oppression and annihilation of humanity in that society. "The Man in the Set" Belikov is both a victim of the dark society and a symbol of the dark environment that swallowed up all the fresh things. But in my opinion, I don't know much about the social situation at that time. I can't investigate the cause of this character of Belikov. In my eyes, Belikov is a poor old man. Although he is not old, only forty years old, his thinking is very clich��. Even if Belikov went out on the street in fine weather, he had to wear overshoes, an umbrella, and a warm cotton coat, and he used almost everything to cover it, the novel wrote "In everyone, we can see a often unbearable, unbearable state of mind. I want to wrap myself with a shell, as if I want to make a so-called cover for myself to isolate the outside world and be affected by the outside world. Influence. Belikov is a person who evades reality and desires to get rid of reality. He always worry about what will happen, always afraid. He lives in a condom, a peach of reality, and he strictly abides by the rules of reality. Put himself in a suit, he didn't dare to cross the Yaochi half a step. He adhered to his own set of rules and longed to be separated from reality, but he was not separated from reality, but was bound by reality, a principle he admired Wrapping himself inside like silk, you ca n��t break free. Belikov is a poor man. He is wrapped tightly by reality. He is scared all day long. Belikov ��s character makes him Even his wife went up in smoke, the two of them have been quite appropriate, but because of other Cove's words, "It does not matter to get married, do not stir up any trouble to set. This is really a poor man who is obsessed with reality and rules, but has never walked out of his own set. In the process of contact with parents, I gradually realized that we do n��t need to follow the old, the reality is a game. While following the rules of the game Newport Cigarettes, if you blindly change, the game is almost over, and the meaning of the game is almost over. The clever player is that he uses rules and adapts the rules instead of letting the rules restrict the so-called chess routine. We have to learn to be flexible in reality, not to be smooth, but to be rigid about people and things.
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