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If you do the repairs on your own, and they end up not working well, you need to do the job all over again.That all brings me to my rather over delayed point about there being a right and wrong way to play. Soccer is a game of skill and subtlety, where physical presence can (and usually is) outweighed by craft and creativity. All you need do to find evidence of this is take a look at the US national team, a system that has always favored superior athletes over superior talent.
this shirt is VERY soft and comfy! i am 5'8" and weigh 145. i ordered an XL, but should have gotten a L, but i don't mind that it's a little baggy because it's so comfortable to wear. i didn't initially realize from the picture of the product, but the little white ringers on the sleeves are actually sewn fabric and not just prints-very pleasant surprise! i recommend it!
Róisín Bradley
this book is worth very penny. In a world filled with such hate and negativity ... its a nice getaway. You will not be disappointed. I want Jaime to write a parenting book.. meanest mom :) It would be great.
Kelsey Kramme
cheap, good material, but too many people wear it in gym...
Craig Curry
My only concern is the tight fit around the top of his front legs & armpits and potential rubbing - will not wear on walks but maybe on gamedays and when we want to show him off to friends. My dog is roughly 80 lbs and a lab/doby mix.
And here's where it gets tight on MY dog... the chest inside seam from arm to arm opening is only 6-3/4" wide and why I wouldn't take him on a long walk for fear of rubbing him raw under his armpits... this should have been made wider in my opinion as everything else is proportional to his size.
Matthew Pettersson
Awesome shorts, love them. Perfect for lounging around the house, working out, or going out in if you wanna rock a casual/sporty look :).
Andrea Perez
I love the design & fit of this jersey. The unexpected bonus (that is not visible in the photo) is the fact that the piping on the sleeves and waist are super reflective as well as the back of the garment. Bravo Arsuxeo!!
Vika Viktoria

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