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From being a little baby to being a junior high school boy, everything I have experienced through my growth is my precious wealth. At this stage, I realized the sweetness and bitterness of growing up. Feel the colorful growth. When I was young, I was thinking under the stars. I am the modern Zhao Zilong. I am a hero. Many people will worship me. I am heaven, I am earth, I am the master of the world. I found that this idea was wrong. When I took the exam, I thought I hadn't beaten me mokingusacigarettes.com, but I tried curling it down and found that it was surpassed by many people. I was not the best. When I went all out and failed, I couldn't help but wonder why I had paid so much and ended up failing. Am I really bad, am I inferior to them, am I useless? Later, I know that it is a good thing that someone is worse than me, because our country needs talent, one is worse than the other, one Being motivated by being surpassed by others has stimulated self-motivation and enhanced the competitiveness of learning, so that everyone has a positive and motivated mentality, and has truly achieved reading for the rise of China. When I know that I may be powerless and may not succeed, I will try it. Others will surely think that I am stupid, and I will even ask myself: Am I really stupid? This is simply not possible! But I gradually realized that it was not stupid, but persistent. When I did these things again and again, I found that my persistent heart became stronger and stronger. Now I deeply realize that some past events are indeed true. I ca n��t bear to look back, and I ��m even stupid, no matter how bad I am. After serious pranks Cigarettes Online, I was severely criticized Online Cigarettes, and I learned the profound lessons after making mistakes. All I have to go through to mature. I want to thank all these things, it is these that have allowed me to grow, and have transformed me into the sensible big boy today, and transformed into the motivated middle school student today. On the banyan tree by the pond, I heard the sound of summer, and on the swing beside the grass, only butterflies stopped on it. Day after day, year after year, a stupid childhood. "Listening to this song reminds me of my childhood. I was ignorant when I was young, with a simple heart, ready to be baptized by wind and rain. In the past, I used to say some ignorant words and paid no attention. , It hurts a lot and hits the third day in the stumbling. And sometimes an unintentional question and joke will disappoint friends and misunderstand. After two years of baptism, the soul is like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. I was born again. It ��s not just the old people who have been with me for two years, but you. In the past two years, there has been no gap between us, the two hearts are tightly fused together. In these two years, I was completely lost. Shiji, when I was discouraged, it was you who taught me patiently and helped me to get out of my predicament, and gradually approached my heart. As comrades who have gone to the battlefield many times, we have already got the heart. Thank you for being part of my transformation Important person. Thanks for my transformation, let me understand that youth is so colorful. From now on, I want to be a person who strives to be myself. I hope that on the road of growth, I will always become a better person. People who live and can appreciate the wonderful taste of life Thank you for the transformation of growth, so that I can care for each other with those I love and those who love me; The transformation of me has gradually made me a better person. Thanks to the transformation of growth, I have taught many philosophies in my life. Sometimes I fall into a black hole and sometimes climb the rainbow. Wait a second, what is your destiny? Turn, no one will know. If the rain keeps going, a gem will flash. The transformation of growth is not finished, no matter how many winds and storms ahead, I will go forward bloodily!
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