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When it comes to reading, some people will be dizzy, and I am just the opposite. I love reading when I was young. Little, I am looking for unlimited fun in my happy reading life. Reading makes me beautiful and makes my life more exciting. I love reading, because reading has taught me a lot of knowledge. Although I have never traveled far away, I have seen many places of interest in the motherland, the charming scenery of the mountains, the beautiful scenery of Guilin, the spectacular Huangguoshu Waterfall, and the majestic Great Wall. I have also seen the rare animals of the motherland and have seen the exotic flowers and plants everywhere. I have learned about the glory of the motherland, the long history and the splendid moments. I have learned many famous people in history, I also saw the motherland. The flowers are arguing, the birds are arguing in the spring. Are these seen on TV? No, is it to listen to others? Nor is it. These are all I read from the book. I love reading because Reading has enhanced my spiritual realm. It can enrich our thinking and improve our understanding of life. It is that we are stronger and face difficulties. From the book, I understand that a person must have moral cultivation, trustworthiness, and humility Marlboro Gold. I am convinced and optimistic. Therefore, I can take the initiative in the car. I can help the students who have difficulties in the weekdays. I can actively participate in the activities in the disaster-stricken areas. When I encounter difficulties in learning Marlboro Red, I can also be optimistic. I love reading, because reading brings us too much happiness to these overburdened students. When I get home, I put down my heavy bag and sit on the sofa, pick up a novel and seriously look at the reader and taste it. I will be a good word in the book, a moving storyline. Attracted, intoxicated, and suddenly my physical and mental fatigue will go to the clouds. Is this not a kind of spiritual relaxation? I love reading, because reading has continuously improved my writing ability and oral expression ability, from three At the beginning of the grade, I read an essay every day and excerpted it. These excellent compositions became my favorite Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and contact with them has become an indispensable thing in my life. Impressive description I remember in my heart, my composition level is constantly improving, my writing field is praised by the teacher. In the oral training class, my speech is a whisper, often attracting praise from my classmates. The book is the best in my life. My friend, whenever I hold the book, it is like a long dry seedling that absorbs the spring rain and feels the satisfaction of joy. It is like a sun shining into my heart, my life becomes colorful. Reading is a great pleasure for me. Classmates, do you like reading? Hurry up and let us enjoy reading together!
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