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I am happy with them, and I feel sad, like I have integrated myself into this big family. In short, reading is a profound university question. With it, our world is colorful and there are It is necessary to put our dreams on the wings to make our dreams fly high! [Part 2] Listening to my mother, when I started literacy, I had a special desire for books. Every time I saw I could read The book is loved, so the family agree that my long meeting is a writer. My sister always has so many books and books that belong to her own family. So when I didn't go to elementary school, I went to my mom and dad and wanted my own bookstore. But Mom and Dad always said that I have to wait until I grow up. I really want to grow up like a hormone. I often sneak when my sister is not at home. I ran into her bookstore (she didn't let me in), went to read a book that I hadn't read. I sat in the morning until the evening, and I was so fascinated. I saw a fairy tale book, every story. I was so fascinating that I forgot everything. When I was fascinated, the angry sister hit the book I read on the ground and said, "Whoever let you in, give me out!" "I fled the bookstore like a wolf dog. I really wanted to cry a lot, oh, stinky sister, wait for me to have a bookstore, I won't let you in, a book won't let you see," I don't even touch you when I'm in a bad mood. When I'm in a bad mood, I always like to look up and see the clouds floating freely on the blue sky. They are always changing and changing. I go to see a book house made of clouds. It seems that there is still a child who is studying seriously. I hope that I am the child! Finally, when I was eight years old, I had a dream house. The bookstore is all my favorite books prepared by my parents. They attract me like a magnet and suck all my spare time. Every word in the book is like an elf, and it is constantly flying into my little brain. I read a lot when I was young. It��s a greedy, hilarious, ignorant, and I don��t know how to use it, so I didn��t have much impression after reading it. Since I have my own bookstore Marlboro Cigarettes, I tried to read it according to some reading knowledge that the teacher said. Sometimes I find some wonderful plots or passages, and I will read them into my notebook as I read them. This way, I know more and more stories and become a little book in the village. There is a summer afternoon. I read "The Animal Stories of Shen Shixi" in the bookstore Marlboro Lights. Somehow, I fell asleep while reading. In my sleep, I saw myself: wearing a white veil, like a beautiful angel, holding in my hand. Sitting on a thick book, sitting quietly on the green lawn Newport Cigarettes, an ant accidentally climbed in. I wanted to take it out, but the little ant disappeared. The next day, when I opened this At the time of the book, I found that the animals in the book no longer fight, they lived in peace, and they loved each other. When I was addicted to the book, the little ant suddenly climbed out. It told me: "Reading books should be read from many aspects." The content of the subject matter should be rich, and it is necessary to have a correct reading method in order to have different gains. "When I woke up, I firmly remembered the magical dream and went to study according to the way that the little ant said. Sure enough, I found a colorful and more magical and beautiful world. Because of reading more, my composition level is also Unconsciously improving, I have participated in essay competitions of more than ten times and won many honors. My dream is to be a good language teacher and share the wonderful stories in the book with me. Every child. Classmates, let us work together for the dream!
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