If you think becoming a caterer is something you

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Aspire Gives Extended Battery Life Computers Articles | January 13 http://www.cheapirmaxplustnshoes.com/ , 2010

Looking for a Compatible battery for your Acer Aspire laptop? BatteryEdge is the online source for buying Acer Aspire laptop batteries at comparatively low prices.

A line of personal computers and laptops from Acer Inc. called Aspire is quite handy for personal and professional use. Acer launched the series in 1999 with the Aspire 1151. By 2002 this series had completely overpowered the Acer Power series. In recent times laptops have become more common than personal computers. Hence the requirement for laptop batteries has also increased. It is very important that you select a compatible battery for your laptop or else your laptop might get compromised. Acer presents a complete series of laptop batteries which are compatible with the different models of this series. All these batteries have no ?memory effect? and can be charged anytime. Most of them come with a warranty of one year. Some of the Aspire batteries are as follows:

Acer Aspire 3000: This is a high-performance lithium ion rechargeable battery. They have an extended battery life and have no ?memory effect?. This unit is backed by a one year warranty. It boasts of a capacity of 4400mAh. This unit also provides a voltage of 14.80V.

Acer Aspire one 10.1: This is again an easy-to-carry lithium ion rechargeable battery. It has a capacity of 7200mAh and gives about 11.1V. This unit is also backed by a manufacturer?s warranty of one year.

Acer Aspire 5500: Backed by the usual one year warranty this high performance rechargeable unit has a capacity of 4800mAH and provides a voltage of 11.1V. It boasts of a 6 hour battery life and is ideal for home and office use as it can be charged any where and anytime.

There are several ways of enhancing the Aspire battery life. Firstly, it is advisable to fully charge and discharge the power cell at least once in a month, this leads to proper functioning of the unit. It often happens that a new unit shows that it is fully charged in 15-20 minutes; but it is not so. If while charging the unit gets very hot then remove it from charging and let it cool down for some time. Secondly cheap air max plus , keeping a blank screen saver instead of graphic screen savers with sound effects also saves a lot of power. Thirdly, running anti-virus scans while the laptop is connected to the AC power does not exert extra load on this unit. As a result, the unit works effectively for a longer period of time. Lastly cheap air max tn , excessive use of the hard drive and disk drive results in excessive drain of power. Try to use the hard drive or disk drive while your laptop is connected to AC power and add to the extended battery life of your laptop.

It has been over twenty five years since I started a small catering company that specialized in International Tapas, tiny silver trays of finger foods to delight the eyes and satisfied the stomach. These little morels were tasty, light and filling. At the time I did not know the little delicacies I placed on the buffet would give way to a very traditional way to dine. I just thought my customers should be exposed to something a little more exciting than Wing-Dings and Swedish Meatballs. I really wanted to move away from serving full means and introduce my customers to a variety of food from all over the world.

Today with food being the number one American pass-time cheap air max 95 , catering has come full circle, and even a novice cook with the right recipes, a good head for business and a charming personality can start a small catering service to address the needs of the corporatebusiness world and the new breed of entertainers that frequent theatre houses and night clubs. It's no secret that when a band or theatre group hits a town cheap air max 97 , they are often looking for a great place to eat and if you can offer a unique dining experience all the better.

If you think becoming a caterer is something you might want to consider, assess your skills and talk to professional caterers in your community. You may want to volunteer for a couple of events to get your feet wet or sign-on as a part-time helper. Caterers are always looking for good people and smiling faces.

After jumping in feet first and discovering that catering is your thing there are a few things you must know and understand about this profession.

1. It takes time to establish your business. You are going to be salesperson, marketing expert cheap air max 90 , advertising specialist, cook, clean-up person cheap nike air max shoes , baker, banker, accountant and driver all rolled up in one. This is a good thing because in the beginning you must know every aspect of your business before you can turn it over to hired help.

2. Study your craft. Never assume you know it all cheap air max shoes , you don't. Learn about food safety, food presentation, napkin folding and formal food etiquette. Letitia Baldridge's Executive Guide to Manners will help you glide graciously through those formal catering events. The book is not about food cheap nike air max , it's about etiquette and when you read through it you will understand why I recommended it.

3. Always have a signature dish and give the recipe to no one. My signature dish was a dessert; it was an Old Irish Whiskey Cake. I would serve it at every formal event and always

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