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He seems to have no longer remembered. When did I walk into this starry sky? The first time it seemed to be seven years old, I fell on my chair and watched a running star slide from here to the other side. Like I am now, leaning against the tree, looking at the whole piece of blue, thinking about where my ignorant soul should run! I still have a lot of choices in the future Cigarettes For Sale, but I have a hard time choosing, and it is easy to make a difficult decision in this regard. What should I do? Is it a person who has a great influence on society and has a great influence? Every day, everything is considered to be beneficial to society, and all for the sake of the people and the country. Still a silent and hard working person? Every day, when buying vegetables, because the price of today's vegetables has risen by one or two yuan, and the sellers have made a big fight, they may delay the work to save more than ten yuan. My thoughts are ridiculous at this time? Right! I am just a self who likes to scream in the wind. I am just a self who likes to run in the rain. I am just a person who likes to turn a skirt into a flower. I am myself, I can only be myself - in fact, the feeling of being yourself is the best! Oh, I can't do the big man like the former, and I don't think of money as life like the latter. I have to study hard first. It is good to have a kind of drifting life after graduating from college. Free and easy. Maybe, then I can look back and see that the once bohemian girl finally completed the transformation of growth again and again in this world. Let me grow up against the direction of the wind, grow into a firm, not afraid of difficult heart. Because there is better flying there! Until the end of the last, I will know, to have a good youth! Screaming out loud, running wildly, I am still bloody; accepting countless challenges, taking risks boldly, and making me young. Well, the moonlight is very comfortable on me! In the future, who will know about my affairs? Maybe, at that time, I came to this blue again. The moon will tell me when I am sleeping on the grass: I once had a winged girl, she has a running soul [Part 2] In the evening, I walked alone on the beach, and looked up inadvertently, and was conquered by the vast starry sky. The elf who was naughty on the day kept squinting, and from where it went, it changed a fantasy. The picture... Hey, this starry sky suddenly turns into a jungle hunting map: the lion hides in the grass and waits for the opportunity to attack the prey. The momentum on it makes my pupil shrink, just then. The lion rushed to the prey, and I was so scared that I closed my eyes... When I opened my eyes, the lion was gone, and a fairy dressing figure was seen. The thin cloud in the air seemed to know that he had appeared in the air, and slowly floated over, just before the fairy, and she was looming. At this time, the fairy feels like a dream and looks real! Suddenly, the air atmosphere seemed to be indifferent, and a thought-provoking picture appeared Wholesale Cigarettes. An old mother-in-law fell to the ground but no one took a look. Why is this? Is it that everyone has no love? If I am the person of the sky, I will definitely help the old woman without hesitation. In the delusion, the starry sky once again became warm. On the starry sky, volunteers are enthusiastic and orderly in doing good things: some people ran to help the wall "bath"; some people put on red hats to help the traffic police to maintain order; others ran to give directions to lost people. ..... seeing here, my heart is filled with a warm current, full of it, seems to overflow. After that, I have seen a lot of pictures: fierce animals Newport Cigarettes Coupons, majestic mountains and rivers There are all sorts of interesting things! Stepping on the soft beach, I looked up at the stars and couldn't help but sigh: "The charm of nature is endless!" "Son, it's time to go home!" Mom was calling me. "Come on!" I replied. Then I looked at the starry sky with reluctance. When I came home to sleep, the starry sky was still in my dreams.
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