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How many people will be encountered in a person's life? Like the stars of the sky Parliament Cigarettes, countless, some are passers-by, like meteors, no impression after crossing, some like stars, even if they can't be seen during the day, he seems to flash into his mind. I have met a person who made me wake up and let me grow up. One day last summer, I went shopping alone at the mall. People on the street come and go, and the traffic is so busy. In the bustling crowd, one came over, he was not coming, he was a disabled person without legs. He sat on a board made of bearings that was only enough for him. He struggled with his hands on the ground and slid hard; he was ragged, his hair was messy, his body was dirty, and he looked listless. He whispered along the road. I saw his shabby appearance, a feeling of disgust and disgust. There was a garbage paper group on the road. In order to express my dislike of him, I kicked the paper ball to him. I thought, I don��t necessarily kick you, but I want you to know that you bring ugly to this beautiful city. Feeling. The paper group did not hit him, and the paper group rolled to his side and stopped about two feet. This listless cockroach suddenly shook his eyes and stared at me deeply. I think: When it is over, that cockroach will definitely find me trouble, he will definitely marry me. In my mind, I was in a hurry, a thousand heads, and I was spinning fast. I thought if he would marry me, how should I look back at him, I must blow him down but he didn��t marry me. I saw him stop, one hand to support the ground, to keep the body balanced, only slowly stretched out Marlboro Lights, picked up the paper ball, pinched it in the hand, took it back, then slowly, slowly, and struggling His scooter turned to a trash can, slowly and slowly, struggling to hold his cart, sliding to the trash can, slowly and slowly, throwing the paper into the trash can. I am stunned. In those few minutes, I only felt that my face was burning. A person who I think should be looked down upon by me has done a behavior that is higher than oneself. "Don't be small and not good," but he "does". "Do not be evil, but I am "for". He didn't marry me, nor did he say a word to me. But I think that he suddenly woke me up, killing my superior attitude towards him and revealing his ugly side Cigarettes For Sale. Looking at the back of his slow departure, I woke up.
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