One argument of these people is that games

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How Video Games Improve Your Education Computers Articles | May 5 Cheap NFL Jerseys , 2009
Something that a lot of people don't believe, but it's true, is that video games actually bring benefits to people that play them, more specifically to their minds. There is more to these games than pretty graphics, good music and plots that emerge the player in the game's world.

1. Strategic thinking is improved by playing video games. When

you play a game, you need to take decisions in advance and plan the

next few steps that you're going to take. Playing games constantly

allows people to develop their strategic thinking skills and these

skills can be applied to real world situations.2. By playing video

games, your problem solving skills are improved. While you can say that

about every game out there Cheap Authentic Jerseys , video games are proven through studies to

be improving the skills of solving problems. Almost every game out

there has as a main focus a problem that needs solving in a challenging

manner, provoking the player into thinking how to do it. By playing a

single game, a player can have anywhere between a couple and a couple

of hundred problems that need solving.3. Eye and hand coordination are

improved by video games. To test this, take a game controller and move

the character inside the game. Maneuvering a mouse and a game

controller ask for the same skills from the player.4. Taking decisions

quickly is something that is facilitated by video games. The impromptu

situations is one of the factors that leads to this quality. Wherever

you are in a game, you never know what will happen next, which makes it

exciting for the player. If players want to win the game, they need to

take the best decisions possible on the spot Cheap Jerseys Online , without much time to

think about it.5. The imagination is stimulated when you play video

games. People that argue that video games are bad for people are wrong

and are usually limited in their imagination or never tried actually

playing a game. One argument of these people is that games provide the

things to the mind instead of leaving the mind to imagine things. The

same people believe that a Lego set is all a kid needs to grow. We

totally disagree with that. What a video game does for the player's

imagination is truly great and it encourages him to dream more.6.

Exploration is encouraged in games. In RPG's for example, you need to

go and explore the world ahead of you, seeing the unknown and learning

about it. Opening a door and not knowing what you will find or the

consequences of your actions encourages people to get used to exploring

and learning.7. Exercising the memory is also encouraged by video

games. Players need to memorize the terrain, always knowing which way

they should head next and what places offer the best rewards or the

most challenging enemies.8. Video games allow people to learn that

actions have consequences. Every action taken by a player has a

consequence and the player needs to live with it.9. Endurance,

dedication and patience are just a few of the things taught by video

games. You can't finish a good game in a single day. The games that are

most appreciated will usually take weeks to finish.Video games offer a

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Hence there are four types of arguments: conclusive a priori, defeasible a priori, defeasible a posteriori, and prima facie conclusive a posteriori.

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