it was definitely time for an outing

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Think back on all of the things you set out to do at the beginning of the year. Think back further to those things you promised to do by the time you reached thirty or forty or fifty. Any regrets? How many things on that list have you set out in full determination to do Gabi Jersey , but in the end, that devil on your shoulder warned you against starting, telling you that you're too old, too young, too out of shape, too afraid? Too often we listen to that nagging voice telling us that we ?can't? or we 'shouldn't.? Too often, that voice leads to opportunities lost. Now think back on all the times you went with your gut feeling, not that voice in your ear. I would bet that nine times out of ten Filipe Luis Jersey , despite the fear and the doubt, you came out feeling like you were on top. Pretty remarkable feeling, wouldn't you say?

It's so easy to succumb to the ?voice of reason,? we hear screaming inside. Don't get me wrong, sometimes that is the voice to heed. But I'm talking about dreams here, not those decisions that bring into question our duties or responsibilities. I'm talking about that personal something that you've always wanted to accomplish for yourself, but were too afraid. Those goals we set at the beginning of the year like running a marathon, losing 15 pounds Fernando Torres Jersey , taking a trip solo, or conquering a phobia. When we have a dream or a goal, we mean well, don't we? We set out to do it. But something keeps us from it. There's that voice, that deafening voice that serves as an insurmountable barricade, and keeps us from taking that first step. It whispers, taunting us by saying that we're not good enough, not serious enough Diego Godin Jersey , not ambitious enough, not smart enough, and not brave enough. Ironic isn't it that all too often that voice echoes in the same timbre of our mother, our father, our husband or wife, even our children. Imagine your dream; it could be ambitious, something that will take years to accomplish, or even something small and personal to bring you a little happiness. The possibilities abound when you are able to ignore the voices Diego Costa Jersey , and take that first step forward. I did, and it completely altered my perspective on where I was headed in life.

My fianc? and I just recently relocated from sunny Florida to the green and rolling horse farms of central Kentucky. We had both grown up in the Sunshine State and had little desire to leave until he was offered a scholarship to attend the University of Kentucky's School of Law. It was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to friends and family, 100% humidity, and the tourist-filled streets. Once we arrived in Lexington, we found that there were more than hurricanes and humidity missing. People's accents were different, there was no Cuban food to be found in any of the ethnic food aisles, and jobs that had been abundant in the South were not as easily available up in the bluegrass.

It was after a month of job-hunting (as though it were my job), that I decided I needed to take myself on an outing. I had been cooped up in the apartment Axel Werner Jersey , sending resumes, sending thank you letters, desperate for human interaction and even more desperate for a job. The pressure and the disappointment were mounting. Yes, it was definitely time for an outing. I consulted my handy ?Welcome to Kentucky? guide that the Kentucky Visitor's Bureau had graciously supplied me with, skeptical of what I might find. I searched for attractions in the area, and one caught my eye right away: The Raven Run Sanctuary. ?A Sanctuary,? I thought to myself, ?Now there's just the thing I need.? The description sounded promising Augusto Fernandez Jersey , ?a 470 acre nature sanctuary with over 10 miles of hiking trails.?

I was intrigued. But something kept me from walking out the door just then. That voice, far in the back of my mind whispering 'do you really thing this is a good idea?? I began to doubt myself. I picked up the phone and called a friend. Single and in her early twenties, it was practically effortless to get her to side with my wilder, adventure-seeking half. It only took a few minutes of conversation to convince me that I needed to change into a pair of shorts, a tank top and some good walking shoes, and head out the door. My more cautious side prompted me to grab a small backpack into which I threw a Swiss army knife, a sweater, and a bottle of water. I was dressed and out the door within ten minutes of having spoken to my friend.

The drive to the nature sanctuary was calming and pleasant. I rolled all of the windows down and turned the radio off Antoine Griezmann Jersey , enjoying the sounds of tractors, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the feel of the blowing wind along the way. The sanctuary was about forty minutes from where I live in Lexington, and the further I drove, the more I was reminded of the film ?Deliverance? and the unforgettable ?You ain't from these parts, are ya'?? scene, complete with ?Dueling Banjos? orchestrating my imagination. Again, the voice came back warning 'this is foolish Angel Correa Jersey , anything could happen out here!? A slight bump in the road had me worried that my tire had gone flat, a wrong turn wondering if I might be shot at for having trespassed.

After having unknowingly driven past the entrance to the park twice, I was almost ready to give up, but I thought ?what the hell, I've come this far!? I had finally made it to the parking lot, and to my horror, there was only one other car parked there. ?Oh lord,? the voice said Andre Moreira Jersey , ?you're going to be murdered or worse out here in the woods by yourself, and no one will find your body for weeks, or even months.? I took some solace in knowing that at the very least I had told my friend where I was headed. Even my fianc? had no idea of my intention to go hiking on a whim.

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