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I was alone on my way home, and I felt so depressed. The breeze blew, and the dandelions on the side of the road rose with the wind, such as small umbrellas, fluttering; like elves, free. I yearn for dandelion, to be precise, I am longing for this unfettered freedom. We are young in the flower season; they all say that we are the best time in life in the flower season Online Cigarettes, but they have known that we have different troubles in the flower season. Parents give us pressure, the teacher gives us pressure, and the students give us pressure, which has already made us breathless. I chased the wind, chased the dandelion, and chased the vain freedom. I wanted to live like a dandelion. Dandelion is free, and I am like a bird in a cage. It has a blue sky of its own, and I only have a little space, it can float in my own sky, without any restraint. And I can only jump around in the gorgeous grave, and let me be at the mercy. Later, I found out that I was wrong for a long time, the wind stopped, and the dandelion gradually drifted down, like a heavenly angel, very beautiful. It is gently embedded in the soft soil and no longer flies freely. It turned out that the previous dandelion was not out of the arms of the Mother Earth for its own freedom, but for the wider land, for better development in the future. I no longer envy the dandelion. It is more revered. We have our own goals and ideals for youth Marlboro Gold. We should not lose that eternal happiness for the short-lived happiness. We should not be too indulgent in youth. I am happy to go in the direction of going home, my heart suddenly relaxed a lot of drizzle Newport Cigarettes, before the dandelion rooted, it used all its energy to grow up
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