The progress of society

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The progress of society is closely related to each of us. In recent days, the "18th National Congress" meeting was held in Beijing. Although it is far away from Beijing, it is closely related to us, and it is how you can't separate it. From the "free education", "changes in landscapes" and "great welfare", we can see that our society is constantly improving! Three or four years ago, in my brother, they used to pay books at that time. They had to pay seven or eight hundred. And now we only have to pay the Chinese food. Now our books are all nine years of compulsory education, and we don��t have to pay books until we go to middle school Marlboro Lights. If you compare it with the present, you definitely want to be born in this era. Remember that when the small is small, the color of the landscape is single. There are only green bamboo on the mountain and few trees. Because at that time, the only material that was fired was wood. The wood on the mountain was almost cut down Online Cigarettes, leaving only the lonely standing on the hill. Nowadays, in the past year, under the guidance of scientific development, the whole country attaches great importance to the environment. Now our village is a little more forest. Not only are there trees now, but there are also many types of trees. Another point is that people's methods of using bamboo are also scientific. I used to cut it, I used it to cut it, and finally used it to buy money. Nowadays, people know that scientific use, knowing that they should be cut moderately, will have long-term use. The last point is about the "social welfare cause": it takes a lot of money to go to the hospital to see a doctor. Nowadays, with the agricultural insurance card and medical insurance card Newport Cigarettes Coupons, most of the money going to the hospital for medical treatment is not paid by yourself. Like my grandfather went to the hospital, stayed in the hospital for a week, a total of only a few hundred dollars; and we went to the hospital to pay half of the money. The socialist modernization in the new era not only brought us economic wealth, but also brought us Spiritual wealth. After years and years of hard work by the party, the government and the masses of hard work, our countryside will be more beautiful.

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