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Broken town seems to be raining every day, and it is rare to see the sun in the sun, so I have long been used to nesting at home, and she has never been extravagant for going out. She doesn't like to go online, because since her broken computer was blacked out twenty times in an hour, she decided not to touch it anymore. She doesn't watch TV or listen to the radio. I think it is the way people consume hormones when they are extremely bored. Even the news is boring gossip. The trivial things that don't matter make her bored. Of course, he is not all day long. Eat and drink Lazar, sleep, she has her things, she wants to read books, to write. The town is very emotional, it is under the influence of the mixed aroma of vain mokingusacigarettes.com, cold and blame, gradually getting a little drowsy, bringing headphones, and the Jimi Hendrix CD, very loud sucking the nose, password? On the soft leather, unconsciously swaying his fingers, a horizontal, a glimpse, write "rain stopped." [2] On this ordinary Saturday afternoon, I used to sit on the chair and listen to the CD as usual, writing my own novels. Her house is in an alley in the South Sea. For more than a decade, it has been calm. Her mother Yu Xinhai is a widow. I heard that it was the derailment that was done in the past when I was detained. Yu Xinhai smashed the tableware on the table as usual, and then he cursed: "You die in the dead room in the room one day to night, you don't see the fucking at noon, you are starving you." Then I put my eyes on the black cat of the white hair and kicked it in the past: "Why, you have to kill the cat and I have to rob the aging mother, oh, dying, oh, some shivering, not because of cold, broken. The weather in the town was surprisingly good. She slid through the window and didn't rain. She took a big breath and pushed the door open, showing a calm look. "Where is it?" "What kind of letter she asked, the dead person, I don't know, I don't know, what is the work of your dead wood, but it is not to eat!" Yu Xinhai said impatiently. I didn't move, and I made a great effort to make the sound less trembling. "I asked, where is your legal husband's letter?" "Whoever asked who is dead and shameless, I don't know what to do Wholesale Cigarettes, you don't eat it, don't eat it, give it to me!" The chopsticks of the heart-sea joints swayed white and swayed, and a bang, as if a bomb exploded in the ear of the cockroach, the rice smashed and smashed, and the gasp was so powerful that he slammed the door and went out. [Sanzhen Town is a place full of grievances. It always feels that there is no old one here Online Cigarettes. The mature of Qinglan is Sangu and Liupo. Every day, a bag is transported in the market. The price of cursing continues to rise and the hawkers are short. The humbleness of the two is less, and here is that Zhang San is too greedy and cheap. On the other hand, Li Si is unreasonable, and office workers complain about expensive oil and a depressed stock market. In short, so endless, Yu Xinhai is such a person, complaining, because of the unwillingness of previous years. Yu Xinhai was born in Shanghai. When he was five or six years old, he was trafficked by a trafficker. One or two words of plum sugar swindled to the countryside to sell a landlord��s house. After the death of the landlord��s young master, he kept a room for one or two years. The literati, the writing does not bother to others, writes a few decent books, and also writes a lot of poems to Yu Xinhai. In the days when he was deceived, Yu Xinhai still counted the nourishment. By the time he was fifteen or sixteen years old, the landlord��s family was defeated. The master of the house was still ignorant of the current affairs. He gave Yu Xinhai a book and a marriage book, sayin
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