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Yu Guangzhong��s poem is the best praise for Li Bai. Since ancient times, the celebrities have been fascinating, and Li Bai��s eloquence can be described as a smattering of the white-shirted golden saddle Cheap Cigarettes. The 24-year-old Li Bai went to the country with a sword and resigned. He took the full ship gold that his brother gave him and walked out of Sichuan through the Three Gorges. Li Bai, who was born into the world, took his enthusiasm and wrote the best works such as "Dong Jing Men's Farewell", "Emeishan Moon Song", "Wangtianmen Mountain" and "Long March". At a young age, he can make such a handed down work, not forgetting that he lives in a wealthy and culturally educated family. And his ability to "five-year-old, six-year-old, and ten-year-old" is also revealed. However, life is not easy for everyone. In the 20th year of Kaiyuan, 32-year-old Li Bai lost his way in Chang'an, and his work was hard to find. He wrote a famous poem, "Three Difficulties in Traveling", and placed his feelings of being unsuccessful in seeking an official Marlboro Lights. The famous sentence of Bingsaichuan, which will be on the banks of the Taihang Mountains, made a difficult trip and sighed back. In the same year, he wrote "The Difficulty of Difficult Roads". With the idea of ??"difficulty in martyrdom, it is difficult to go to Qingtian", Li Bai went to Chang'an, and He Zhizhang met him. After reading his "Difficult Ways", he exclaimed "Zhu Xianren" After that, he was interviewed by Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei, and finally got the wish to become Hanlin. However, Li Bai��s unrestrained personality is not suitable for the court. After a while he offended the eunuch Gao Lishi and gradually fell out of favor in front of Xuanzong. In the second year of Tianbao, Li Bai resigned and returned to his hometown. Here, he wrote the famous articles such as "Qing Ping Tune", "Medical Music in the Palace" and "Daily Discretion". Since then, the poet who once "washed his face with a dragon towel, swayed the scorpion, and sang the scorpion, and took off his boots" did not enter the official half-step, and Li Bai met Du Fu in Lince the urinary access to swordsmanship Carton Of Cigarettes, in addition to the Wuling bullies. In fact, Li Bai��s biggest trick is to be a knight who "kills one person in ten steps, does not stay in a thousand miles. He goes to the clothes and hides his body and name." Li Bai is just the same as most of us, and the gods in the crowd later attributed all the qualities of Li Bai to "too white spirit." He has the conviction that "Aneng can destroy the eyebrows and lose power"; he has the unyielding heroism of "coming into a shackle and swaying in the shackles of the continent"; there is "the water that the Yellow River does not see, the sky is coming to the sea." Back to the lofty spirit of Dapeng. He has a rich romanticism, a natural fairy, and a pursuit of real freedom. His imagination has created a feast of heaven and earth that has never seen the end of the world, the sun and the moon shine on the gold and silver, the neon is the zephyr, the clouds are in the air, the tigers are coming, and the tigers are rushing back. He pursues reality in fantasy. He has the moon and wine; he seeks freedom in his dreams. He has long swords and poets who despise the dignitaries and yearn for freedom. We also want to send out "Looking out loud and laughing, my generation is Peng Sorrow, the self, freedom, and desire presented in Li Bai��s poems are actually the same topics that have never changed in the millennium. Reading poems and reading Li Bai is actually reading ourselves. We and Li Bai are not far from the millennium. After a long river, in a sense, each of us is a Li Bai

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