The summer of a small

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The summer of a small town can only be described as "hot". The air is mixed with the pungent smell of smoke, and the summer has a bit of arrogance. The sun is burning on the ground, and the sultry feelings follow the foot, which gives people a feeling of incitement. So in the summer, I mostly choose to stay at home. However, people usually worry about the hardships at hand, but they can easily ignore more valuable things. Like the summer night, I always hate the night. The long night is long and lonely, and I always wonder if there is something hidden in the darkness. However, in the summer night, it is inevitable that people will have a bit of joy.ummer nights are clear. The gentle moonlight is mixed with the unique smell of summer Carton Of Cigarettes, and it is sprinkled on the river. The sky is very wide, there is no bleak cloud, and there is a little bit of a sense of hurting the spring and the autumn. It is difficult to connect with the poet's pen, "not necessarily without hatred, jade and cold osmanthus", and then talk about insects. From an early age, I have a near-stubborn love for insects. Most people think that the insects are screaming, but I don't care. The Book of Songs: In the wild in July, in Yu in August, in the house in September, and into my bed in October Cigarettes Online. Sitting on a wicker chair and holding a pot of tea, the summer nights have become more human. The night when it is difficult to sleep, it will remind you of the summer nights of the country. The wind blew through the field, blowing to the edge of the window, blowing a burst of insects, mixed with the breath of mature crops, seemingly silent and solemn. The whole world is as quiet as there is only the insects that "to promote the weaving of the East Wall". So on this hot summer day, I thought of the night, thought of the moon, thought of the insects and then inexplicably recalled Jiangnan��s words: the wind from the ear Flowing through the sounds that bring the whole world Cheap Cigarettes. In the wind, some people sing, some people dance, some people love the moonlight, and the grass is worming.
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