Imagine a snowy and gloom

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Imagine a snowy and gloomy weather, and the gray sky is raining again. I don't know if this is the first rainy day after winter. The wind blew in the air, and the rain seemed to never stop, holding a light blue umbrella into the storm. It is already the winter when the trees are dying, and the sky should belong to the territory of snow, but it is occupied by this annoying rain. On such a winter morning, I hope to miss the snow drift in a dream, the confused eyes through the tunnel of time and space, slowly into the world of snow. It snowed, and a piece of white snow fell from the sky, like a white butterfly flying in the air, and the white petals scattered in the hands of a little fairy, spinning with the wind. Gently reaching out to catch the flying elf, watching it slowly melt into a drop of crystal clear water in the hands, this is the original water to give the winter holiness, this is the same as the snow, the hope of the white heart, Winter without snow can't be called real winter. Snow is the image of winter and the most beautiful scenery of the season. In the years of childlikeness, the deepest part of memory falls in love with snow, loves its purity and beauty, loves its elegance and does not make it delicate, loves its lightness and not ostentation, and loves the purest color in the world. The snow is getting bigger, the goose feathers cover all the things in the world, and the vast earth is wrapped in the bare earth. The eyes are covered with silver. The world is quiet and silent, and the white clothes are in the world of snow. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of ancient sounds from the ancient times, listen to the sand hammer sound of Shasha, accompanied by the melodious sound of the moon and the deep and depressed hole. "This song should only be in the sky, how many times can the world smell?" In this ethereal music, scorn a sentence "The window contains the Xiling Qianqiu snow, the door is the Dongwu Wanli ship." Shu Guangshou and Xue Yi sing a song, the snow laughs Marlboro Red, and the giggling sound is like a naughty child. In this laugh, I see the plum blossoms of plum blossoms blooming in the red of the peaches and the stalks of the clouds; Embossed with blossoming white flowers Newport Cigarettes Coupons, each group of imaginary buds in the spring dreams; holly in the white snow is stretched out under the green little hand Newport Cigarettes, the flame of rising inner passion quietly grows the new leaves of spring. Imagine a scene of snow falling, imagining a snowy scene with clear watery eyes and innocent emotions, taking advantage of the passion of art to capture the moment of inspiration. Imagine a scene of snow falling, joy filled with body and mind, nourishing the dry mind, and opening the most beautiful flower of ideals. Imagine a scene of snow falling, in the spiritual home of the deepest part of my heart, using the dexterous time to play the sound of the falling snow Miao Mang, imagining, snow really came.
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