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If you want to harvest something, you must pay for it. Some call it cost, some say it as a price, and some don't have a short name. It is divided into time and energy. So which part of the cost is the biggest, I always think it is the cost of trial and error. Because I always want results, more results. I can do it with less cost and long-term stability and more harvest. I think this is a skill. I chatted with my friends in the afternoon. I said that I made a lot of money last year. I saw that you were busy all year round last year. He said that last year the business was ok, earning more than 1 million, but the pocket really has no money, the goods in the warehouse are more than 600,000, and the cost of trial and error has gone to 40,000. Because several businesses in the middle of this year have basically failed, they have not returned. Regarding friends, I know that he is doing inventory shoes. But he always wanted to develop even bigger. But he is different from my thinking. I will think about how to make one thing bigger, at least I will do it well, and insist on doing it. However, he is thinking about changing projects. He always said that his industry is not good at doing, he can't make money, and he has to basically eliminate it. So he has been looking for good projects and seeing that there are good projects for others. Or do it yourself. Hearing that others said that the tea shop was profitable, he invested 200,000 into the group. As a result, the tea shop was closed after half a year. It��s not that he wants to close the door, but the entire tea street is closed, so he has to help clear the inventory. Hear others say, invest in the house and then sell it. When he saw the opening of the house, he also paid a deposit with a few friends Newport Cigarettes. But the friends who didn't buy it later, because the prices in other places are lower, and they will fall, making him unable to return even the deposit. He can often see him investing in new projects and seeing them celebrate. But often it hasn't been a few days, not half a month, and one month, I saw him start to frown. I know it for myself. Because I have gone too many detours since the way. Although many times have not been shown, it is to leave everything in mind, but fortunately, I will summarize it. Looking at a lot of people around, such as the younger brother, are also taking a detour. When I was in college, I tried to make him a class teacher. In the first half of the year, he was not good. He said that the squad leader had no future. I just know that if I follow my ideas, the squad leader will continue to do so. The research is basically no problem. I must also teach him to be a student, but to go to class outside the classroom, and he will not go. If he is a member, he will spend dozens more hours, but at least the election of our village committee can vote. It��s just a detour, and it��s really a detour. Because it is missed, because you don��t want to listen, you don��t have anything. This cost is the real cost. We don��t think it��s worth a few dollars a day. We work overtime for many hours every day. It��s not a big deal for a few dollars. The biggest province in life is the right direction. Going the wrong way, and saving, you can't save much. The right direction, even if you pay a small amount, you can get much. The younger brother still doesn't understand. I didn't understand it very early in the morning. But after she left, I knew I was going to go back. When I encounter a problem, I like to ask others. If someone else says that I will be one, others will say that I will be two. And I won't ask the second person, because I know that since I asked, I have to believe him, he gave me advice, I must do it. Because after falling down, I have been thinking about it. In fact, I used to be smart. If there is one to take me, how good it is. Because at that time, I have been watching Liu Bei, and he has been failing before he met Zhuge Liang. Even if it is as powerful as Liu Bei, it still needs someone to bring it, let alone ordinary, small us. Therefore, I often talk to the people in the group, I must choose an industry to continue to do, really do not change. Because you are familiar with an industry, your old customers will have a lot of rules and regulations, various purchase channels, and various risk control can be done very well. I have an old man who wants to come to me in the first 2 days. In the 90 years, the salary of 800 pieces has been led for 7 years, and this year I earned 500,000. I used to be a ceramic. I used to be a younger brother in a wholesale store. I went out to do wholesale last year. All the guests in the store went to see him. He said that among his friends who have adhered to an industry for six years, he is the only one, and he will persist in his life. This is not like the 90-year-old saying that I have been thinking about how many of us have failed in business, can adhere to an industry, and the cost of trial and error can really be less. Regarding persistence, about repetition, I really feel that when I remember the university, I wrote a summary, because at that time, I wrote a summary, and the trust was very good and easy to deal with. In a blink of an eye, I have been writing for 8 years. It is also because I have been writing, it has always been effective, and I have been using it for effective tricks. I still remember the university, in order to make more money, to do driving school. It��s also 8 years because this thing costs less, and it won��t be troublesome. Although it doesn��t make much money, it has been insisted for so many years. Of course, it has always been insisted that many things become more and more familiar and more and more proficient. The other one that can reduce the cost of trial and error is to find someone to bring down because people who have a lot of life have gone by Marlboro Red, and we have to go again, it is really troublesome. For example, Edison invented the electric light. If we want to use it, we just need to buy an electric light. Don't think about inventing and producing it Cigarettes For Sale. Otherwise, maybe he has spent so much time, so much energy, we have to go back again in the group, I have always said, must not think about innovation, copy it. Because of an innovation, it will definitely go wrong. If it has been copied, it is the assembly line, two copies one, three copies two. The same bricks also piled up a 10,000-story building. Because they are all coming out of a touch, a routine. Destined to take less detours. We should have a feeling when we look at the people in the group who are doing a lot of money and millions of tens of millions of dollars a year. For the third point, what I want to say is that we must sum up, in this way, good things, we will be better, bad things, we will not touch again. In this case, if you detour, you only have to walk once or twice in your life, or even if you are engaged in innovation before Huawei, you can't sell things. Now Huawei is only innovating 3%, and it is the first to investigate and do things. In fact, people can do very little things in their lifetime. More often, we don��t see ourselves. In fact, the biggest cost of starting a business is that we are taking the wrong path and taking a detour. It��s just that we always believe that we are the best. Put yourself down a bit, learn more like others, have less width and a little more depth. The cost can be much less, because then we will not go a lot of wrong ways, because then, the road can go straighter and more smoothly.

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