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People in life have too much boring. For example, I may be doing something boring now. This is like, in my mouth Marlboro Cigarettes, holding a rotten apple while smiling and pointing at others saying: You are actually licking a rotten apple! Of course, the premise is that I like to eat apples. I really like to eat apples. I also know that some people in this world must not like apples. Thus, a glamorous appearance and an ruptured apple in the eyes of a person who does not like to eat apples, they are equally bad, appetite, but the degree is light. It can be different for people who like to eat apples. Similarly, we still prefer the appearance of glamorous, because it is delicious to watch. But when we took a bite and found a bug inside, we had to say that it was a very unlucky and abominable thing. But what can we do? So we dress smiled and disdain those who hold rotten apples: What kind of rotten apples are you? The person holding the rotten apple was of course very unhappy at first, but he couldn't help it because the good apple was robbed. He had to get rid of the cracked skin, try to eat and see, bite down and found that the apple is so delicious, better than any apple he has ever eaten. So he happily cheered with a rotten apple: This apple is not bad, it is delicious! Really delicious! Of course, people who hold good apples don't believe it. They just shook their heads scornfully: joking! Is this delicious for me? At this time, people who did not like to eat apples saw this scene, and smiled coldly: really two stupid. The above is just a very simple story, the real boring has just begun. In the word boring alone, the dictionary gives two meanings. Being bored by being idle; (talking, acting Marlboro Red, etc.) is meaningless and annoying. The first meaning is naturally used when you say yourself. For example, I am so bored today, what are you doing? Would you like to write an article about "boring"? The second meaning is used when commenting on others. Another example is that you are so boring, you know to play dota all day long! There is another kind of boring in reality, that is, the boring life. For example, if the two meet and chat, it��s okay, cough, hey, right, something to trouble you? "This is the core of the conversation. Nothing is troublesome. You said that if you can help me, there will be people who ridicule. Isn't this the most basic etiquette? Then what about the conversation that you are not talking about?" For example, two very efficient people see something!" (There is something? It is very important to find me specifically, but now there is an urgent matter, the fastest tomorrow will have time to help him!" (No? So good relationship, He said that it is impossible to let go of his hand. I can wait for him for a while, and boring is always relative to efficiency. Of course, we know that most of the conversations in life belong to one category mokingusacigarettes.com. This can explain us. Don't pay attention to efficiency now? I think the answer is definitely no. The efficient people must have hateful places, and the boring people must have cute things. This is undoubtedly thinking about the development of the network now, bringing us All kinds of conveniences. When we encounter problems, we will always have Baidu. When we walk to the crossroads, we will also locate them. Is this an efficient way of life? No need for tedious communication in the language (the result may still be unclear) Chu? There is no need for all kinds of flattery, all kinds of flattering. But when we are using these high-tech, will there be a little loss in our hearts, a little empty? The original high efficiency results in mental numbness and limbs. Stiff and essays, there are always people who say this: You are really a painful egg or how boring you are. I have written many articles earlier on the meaning of my writing and what it is for me. Meaning, I am a person who hates boredom, how can I do that one thing? Just like how a person might imitate what he doesn't like, everyone has their own values, we can't force others We can't obey ourselves. We can't subjectively judge others' right or wrong. Because everyone's world is centered on himself, he said so much, but I still don't know the meaning of boring in our lives and what we really do. What to do is just to say: eat your own rotten apples, let others pick up the apples!
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