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There are many things happening in people's life, either joy or sorrow, but what makes me happy is that I can "believe people" when I get along with others. In this way, the personality of others is respected, talents and potentials are brought into play, and they also benefit from the shallowness of the last century of the Cultural Revolution. I went to elementary school. There is a lyrics "Yoyou years to say that the year is so confused, it is also true and difficult to choose." It was a portrayal of many people's thoughts at that time. In that context, some people are distorted, telling lies, big words, empty words, and some people love to make waves to fight others. Even our unscrupulous teenagers are often said to have problems with their ideology because of trivial matters; even if some students accidentally overturn the table and stool, some teachers may be associated with his family. This is unpredictable for ignorant teenagers. The classmates who were criticized were worried, afraid, and at a loss, and left their haze in their hearts Cheap Cigarettes. After seven or six years in October, the Party Central Committee was clearing its source on the ideological front, and the cultural organization front line was in chaos. In the process, I gradually became clear about the nature of the problems at that time. An article in the People's Daily in the 1980s aimed at the violation of common sense in the Cultural Revolution. From the ethical point of view, ��believing people�� is a kind of morality, which gave me a new understanding of the human problems I have encountered. The age gradually increased, and I was unintentionally aware of the excuses of some parties in the past, which made me realize that some people like to "stick the stick" and "deduct the hat". In terms of their personality, they "do not believe in people" and do things subjectively. The root of the self-centered thinking Marlboro Gold. Therefore, I intend to use "believe in people" as a means of getting along with others, to learn relevant theories and to explore them, and to form a further understanding of "believing in people" in morality, to get along with others without encountering problems, to make a preconceived conclusion, to doubt Other people's motives and purposes are even blaming others, carefully observing, carefully feeling and thinking, can objectively understand the problem, correctly understand people, and thus improve the level of social interaction. "Believing people" in work and labor 'ability', encounter difficulties in problems, step out of the circle of self-decision based on me, show the crux of the problem and the conditions that are available to others, and listen to the knowledge and opinions of relevant people. And solutions, can get twice the result with half the effort Cigarettes For Sale, and even achieve unexpected benefits Cigarettes Online. "Believe people" when mediating contradictions and disputes, can exert people's enthusiasm and self-esteem and self-esteem, avoid opposing emotions, and solve problems quickly and satisfactorily. In these years, whether dealing with classmates and colleagues, or dealing with strangers; whether it is mediation disputes, stop illegal land occupation; or in daily life, I regard "believe people" as a prerequisite for dealing with contradictions. In order to give play to the role of the people Parliament Cigarettes, the positive, the positive, the positive, and the subjective initiative to solve the difficulties, we have achieved good results. "Believe people" has benefited me for the rest of my life and has become my ideological spiritual wealth.
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