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On the night of April, the wind of Hunchun ran all the way, swaying the scent of flowers. I am in the calm and cool of the night, and there are strong and fragrant flowers that wrap my whole body and mind. That familiar with the unrestrained taste, clinging to my floating thoughts. Lilac flowers! The long-lost, dreamy, graceful and graceful figure fell into the eyes, leaving it with all kinds of styles and losing color. Purple as a cloud, leisurely in the branches; white like jasper, clusters in the quiet moonlight, clever smile. With a handkerchief, a six-petal lilac blooms quietly in the palm of his hand. The purple petals are full of moonlight and radiant, and the floral scent is swaying in a circle, filtering out the noisy nights of the city. Look for the six-petal lilac to go! Go! Hahaha... The voice of youth and worry is undulating in the ear. The high school entrance examination is just around the corner, and I am filled with all kinds of infinite thoughts. The mother said to her father, the girl's family, give me a job! The father glanced at the son who had been studying hard at the desk Carton Of Cigarettes, and then looked at me who was absent-minded. The joy in his eyes turned into helplessness. My face was burnt by the soldering iron and it became red and hot. I can't count the best in my grade, but it's also within the teacher's attention. The expectation of the parents is luxuriant and strong, and my superiority has no roots in the soil, and then loses the motivation to climb. As for academics, I have no clear goals at all. And... it was clipped in the pages of the book, and the six-petal lilac flower, which was floating in the dark fragrance, was uncomfortable with the hair. I have not enough courage to give him Newport 100S, and his excellence makes me dazed. I dare not say the shy wish, nor do I justifiably rebut the mother's temperament, so I have to pass the exam. As you can imagine, the test results are not satisfactory. I stumbled to follow my father to an unfamiliar environment. It seems that there are quite a few young people Parliament Cigarettes, and everyone seems to be very happy. Leisurely playing poker, weaving hair, talking about short parents during work hours, controversial dressing, disapproval of unchanging work. I stood outside the crowd, like a stranger, not in the grid. Suddenly I want to cry, I left school like this? He will ask where the introverted girl went? He will go to the place where he dreams, and perhaps in the excitement of the new environment, he will forget the six-petal lilac that he once secretly searched for. He will never know that the high and coldness in front of him is actually inferiority. In the face of his handsome and intelligent, there is always an invisible pressure that makes me breathe hard. I just stood still, my tears finally rolled down, and the unspeakable helplessness spread to the whole body. The school bell rang, the teacher was annoying, the classmates were noisy, and the tired scenes came to mind mokingusacigarettes.com. They are like Aprilday. After experiencing the boring winter, they suddenly become very attractive and purple, and they fall quietly in front of me. It was a figure that still has a charm. Everyone called her lilac sister. She gently held my hand and took me to the backyard. Lilac tree! The garden is full of lilac trees, and the greenness is boiling. The vitality seems to overflow and flow to the wall. "My favorite lilac. Its flowers are very inconspicuous, the color is also dull, and the aroma is rich. This spring is cold, it still blossoms, that The aroma is more mellow." The voice of Sister Li is hoarse, as if it was not from the small mouth. Looking around the thick green, Lilac sister, wearing a purple skirt, stood lightly in the shade. Her smile shows the traces of the years. My youth's troubles, like a poor building, collapsed in front of the lilac sister. I can't remember most of the words that Lie Sister said at the time. The phrase "Do it right now, don't follow the tide", I am afraid this life. It is hard to forget, and this sentence makes me return to school. Sitting in the classroom of boiling youth again, I gathered the thoughts of the faint little lotus, and my eyes were deeply locked into the string of English letters. My father didn't ask me why I was back to school. He was amazed at my lack of concentration and no longer mentioning work. The many thoughts that I couldn��t put it down, in the so-called half-month work experience, I��m going to lose weight, like the clouds that have no foundation, and I��m in the spring breeze in April, I saw the lilac sister��s purple The dress is flying and dancing. Time is reincarnation, her appearance has long been blurred, only the scent of lilac Marlboro Gold, melting the chilly appearance of the night, gently and silently ironing the arrogance of early summer.
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