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Because of physical discomfort, give yourself a day off. Let the fun of the fence, wandering by the mind, I heard that Saihan Tala is very popular, the air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, it is a holy place for relaxation and exercise. I don't know if it is the blindness of the heart, or the deafness of the ear, that is, I don't think so. Although it is close at hand, I have never stepped into it. But today, suddenly there was a feeling of style and a beautiful afternoon. We came to Saihan Tala, which is known as the grassland in the city mokingusacigarettes.com. I was infected by this lively atmosphere outside the gate. People go out and enter, the vehicle is full of all the parking spaces, and the bicycle is shuttled. It is full of infinite vitality and enters the gate. Looking at it, the road is full of flowing people, walking away, walking, cycling, Adults and children, men, women and children, countless, although it is early spring, but it is already full of spring, the atmosphere of spring is full of magnificent Mongolian battalion attracts us, surrounded by groups of white yurts surrounded by. The statue of Genghis Khan, standing in front of the big camp, shows the fearlessness of the Mongolian man. The towering Suludin is guarded on one side like a guard. A large granite in front of it introduces the heroic deeds of the northern war of Genghis Khan in both Mongolian and Chinese languages. From the vast territory, you can feel the performance of this Mongolian hero. Going forward, the roadside is a deer park. Dozens of healthy deer are holding their proud heads and playing with the tourists. The children are holding the radish strips and carefully feeding the deer. The excitement is beyond words. The deer is the iconic animal of Baotou, so Baotou is also called Lucheng. The deer has become a landscape for tourists. Maybe the children don't know why there are deer in our homes. I only know that the little deer brought them endless fun. The front is the Mongolian's respectful bag, which is fluttering and crowded Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I walked with the flow of people, and I went up three times in a pious way. I don't know much about it, just curious. It is also the highest point of Saihan Tala, and it is very far-sighted and refreshing. There is no cloud in the blue sky, and the kites in the air are flying leisurely Wholesale Cigarettes. The horses in the distance like the nightmare are very leisurely. They are gathered together in twos and threes, some eat grass, some stop and wait, it seems I also feel the pleasure of visitors. The birds on the open ground rise and fall, like self-entertainment. The black and white magpies are constantly dancing and screaming among the trees. The white yurts in the distance are dotted. Grassland, horses, and yurts are an original prairie that comes to the kite-flying ground. Some people who fly kites are more than able to work, some are busy, some don��t know how to fly, and I think life is probably So, some are calm, some are leisurely, some are busy. I don't know how I suddenly remembered the story of the "Kite Runner" that I saw recently Newport Cigarettes. Loyalty, betrayal, loneliness, and forbearance, I couldn't help but walk to a semi-circular grandstand. Where are the couples who have sweet couples? Happy family of three, chatting leisurely, playing. Several three or four-year-old children on the platform laugh and run like a lark. The world of children is always so happy and happy. The young roller skaters on the road are a beautiful scenery. Everywhere, it will inevitably attract everyone. Attention. Cyclists are not inferior, a attire with a professional car, and the familiar car skills are full of praise, not to mention their long-standing persistence. The violent family is also a gods, as the wind rushes past, and the speed is at least five kilometers per hour. But there are many people who are as relaxed as they are in the normal state, mostly playing with their children. Old people are in twos and threes, or go or chat, and there is a happy scene everywhere. Now people's health awareness has improved. When they have time, they have activities. They exercise their bodies and relax their moods. Why not be happy? I can't always be relaxed. I always feel that life should be a little nervous, not slack, and often like hair. As the article goes forward Marlboro Gold, watching the children smile innocently and happy, watching the youthful and relaxed figure, I can��t remember the children I have been with! I don��t know how much happiness my child has, how many bright springs have failed, how much beauty has been encountered in my life? I don't remember having such a bright time. Fortunately, this spring, I found myself back and found my own spring. In fact, the beauty is always there, but our heart is too impetuous, so that the world is full of heart, the sun can not squeeze in, the heart is ridiculous. Taking advantage of this spring breeze, open your heart and replace it with fresh oxygen to make your heart full of fragrant flowers.
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