The debate over whether is the "GOAT" greatest

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NFL quarterbacks is an entertaining one Devin Bush Jersey , and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The top two quarterbacks, and really the only ones in the running for GOAT, are Joe Montana and Tom Brady. With multiple league MVP awards each, along with four and five Super Bowl rings respectively, it is easy to see why. The debate can get quite heated, especially when one mentions certain Patriots' scandals. Furthermore, whether or not Bill Belichick is just a mastermind coach who could plug any decent quarterback into his system and achieve great success, adds to that debate.But aside from Joe Montana and Tom Brady Diontae Johnson Jersey , there is a third quarterback, currently in the league, who is sometimes suggested as Brady's superior; Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has posted some superior stats to Brady in his time starting for the Packers, and a brief look at his stats include some NFL records, including career passer rating, season passer rating, and of course that 4.13 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio.On the other hand, talking about anything other than wins and Super Bowl rings is somewhat unimportant Justin Layne Jersey , because winning big games really is what matters. Nothing I write here will convince Rodgers fans that Brady is better, much like nothing will make Brady lovers think Rodgers is superior. Most analysts will admit that Rodgers has better skills on the field, but Brady keeps a cooler head and has better "intangibles."Aside from their play on the field, we can compare the WAG's of these two icons. Tom Brady has been married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen for a while now, and Aaron Rodgers dated gorgeous actress Olivia Munn until earlier this year. This is a hard call to make, but while Gisele is easily among the hottest football wives out there, Olivia Munn is prettier and has a nicer body. The stunning actress and Rodgers called it quits back in April. Here are fifteen pictures of her that are so hot they may just make Aaron regret dumping her. We could think about the NFL all year. Despite the timing of this list, the rhetorical question "Too early?" doesn't apply when it comes to the upcoming NFL draft Benny Snell Jr. Jersey , because it's truly never too soon to take a look, or at least a sneak peak. The draft selection order on this list list was determined according to the predicted won/loss records of NFL teams in 2019. But to have realistic balance in this mock draft, there has to be six teams from each conference (AFC and NFC) making the playoffs and also occupying the last dozen positions on this mock board.The order will go in how each team's win total projections are going into the season. It should come as little surprise that the Cleveland Browns are once again predicted to have the number one overall pick in 2019, though many feel they can earn four or five victories, which is pretty optimistic, considering they’ve lost 44 of their last 48 games dating back to 2015. Therefore, perhaps a couple of wins for the Brownies in 2018 would be a more realistic goal. Another interesting thing about this draft is that although it may not feature the high-profile gunslingers as in 2018 like Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen Zach Gentry Jersey , there may be still be as many if not more quarterbacks drafted in the first round in 2019 as there were in this past draft (there were five first-round QB's taken this year). Should a similar result occur in 2019, that would serve as a true signifier to the ever increasing pressure and necessity of having the right personnel at the position of quarterback, arguably the most important--and most difficult to excel at--in all of team sports. Now, let's get our first breakdown of the 2019 draft.

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