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Even if you leave, you will not forget the items in your memory and the soft happiness. ����Inscription This article reminds me of more than two months ago, when I was in the classroom under the incandescent lamp for less than a month in the college entrance examination, we spent the evening studying together. When I study laziness, I will secretly leave a mark on the diary when I am studying the tail of each evening. I remember that on the day I was in high school, I asked the class teacher if I could go to two schools. The class teacher hesitated and said to me: Now, everything is too late. I smiled a little and walked back to the classroom. After thinking about it for a while, I couldn��t help but admire my perseverance. The exercises were brushed one by one, and almost all of them were grinding math teachers in the class; in order to understand the format of the papers, one essay was changed four times; More points to get up and touch the black point to turn on the light to back the English words and political history. During that time, it was boring and practical. Every day after school Cheap Cigarettes, I often felt that my neck could not be lifted. It was the happiest thing to run two laps on the big playground at night when I went back to the dormitory. I watched the stars sweating every night. When I walked back to the dormitory, I looked at the stars and looked at the moon. I said to myself, you will not fail this effort. If you give the most rewards to me, count my language achievements. At the beginning of the second half of the semester, the test scores of large and small tests are basically the first in the class and the top three in the grade. In the first half of the final exam, the scores improved by nearly 100 Newport 100S. The class teacher patted my head and said to me: Come on the kids. How hard it was for this sentence. For the first time, after the first year of high school, I had the urge to cry. However, my classmates, they are my comrades-in-arms, and I have worked hard to survive this difficult time. The once-a-week physical education class has become an opportunity for us to relax. The girls play badminton, kick the shuttlecock, and cut the sandbags. Boys play basketball in groups. In the last physical education class, the whole class played a tearful name card, laughter, bird song, wind, floral, and a green field. This is the most sincere memory of my high school. Then a field simulation test became a touchstone. Until the end of the three models, we can say the meaning of governing the country according to law, the various monsoon currents, the time and place of the Second World War... At that time, I have started to keep a diary, and I want to leave such goodness. There are two nights in the college entrance examination. I am lying in the dormitory bed and asking my friends. How long will it take to see you again after the university? She said, "If you want to meet, just call and we will gather. I will never leave you." "At that moment, I suddenly felt that there was a hint of silence and tenderness in this summer full of anxiety and anxiety mokingusacigarettes.com. There is no more to say in the following days. I walked into the examination room and worked hard to write a book, waiting for results and volunteering. After the admission notice came down, I had a happy graduation trip with my classmates. We went to Qingdao, and in the tail of this summer, we embraced the ocean with fruitful fruit. On the last night of the trip, we talked about the past three years under the stars and talked about the future. At this time, the squad leader said Online Cigarettes, let's sing another class song. "At the beginning, we are all children, and the last ones all become angels... the words of graduation and adulthood are particularly exciting..." The song has not finished singing, everyone is crying, the boys are silent, the girls are pulling The hands of girlfriends began to tremble Marlboro Cigarettes. I looked up at the sparkling starlight, I feel this 18 years old, I spent the most beautiful summer in my life.
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