That year we looked

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That year we looked at the stars, there were so many brilliant dreams..." This is my favorite song "Starry Sky", squatting, I fell into that dream - the moonlight is like water, gently holding We, the classmates I miss, are lying quietly, lying on the grass. The fireflies are carrying lanterns, as if the flying stars are lighting everyone's eyes. The vast sky, the splendid stars, the evening breeze, They set off their foreheads, and the stars scatter on their faces. I don't want to wake up, I don't want to leave those people I love the most. But the fact is always cruel to tell me that we graduated and can't go back to the past. Every time I remember, my heart is always full of regrets. I remember the last day Cheap Cigarettes. The memory is a bit fuzzy. I only remember that I cried and they all comforted me. What is more ironic is that my tears are not going to be separated from them. But crying because of the test failure, my buddy came over. She always loves to hurt me. At this time, she whispers to encourage me. "Don't you say that you have to take the first place no matter where you are?" After going to high school, you must test the first school to show me! do not Cry. "I just wiped my tears and looked at her firm eyes. I nodded. I still remember that day. There was rain in the air. I couldn��t remember the situation when I went back, but I remember those warm words and my mother��s red. The heavy reality tells me that I need to reflect. In the past, I always complained about the injustice of fate and blamed others on my mistakes. My heart was full of enthusiasm and I was complacent because I got a little achievement. At the crucial moment, I lost my forefoot. I am teasing my classmates, but they are all tolerant of me; I am proud of the teacher, and the teacher is still persuading me... I think that I am aware that the test failure is not accidental Cigarettes Online, but Inevitably, this is a punishment for my waywardness. So I have to get rid of the former me, not only for the appointment with friends, but also for my own return home, I borrowed the high school book from the seniors. The science of the semester is self-study, and then I am desperately trying to recite ancient Chinese and English words. I will be in the library if I have nothing to do. I want to prove it to everyone Online Cigarettes, I am no longer the one before. I am lazy, and a setback can��t hit me. I have to stand up and take the victor��s gesture and look at all the people who have laughed at me. I will use my own actions to prove to them that ��a person is not born. Those who are defeated can be destroyed, but those who cannot be beaten say that people will experience three growths: the first is to find that they are not the center of the world; the second is to find that even if they try hard mokingusacigarettes.com, there are still some things Parliament Cigarettes. It��s powerless; the third time is to know that something may be powerless, but it will still try to fight for it. In fact, a careful study can be found that these three growths are experiences that have only experienced after the defeat. I feel that setbacks will ruin one person, brave people will be sharpened and stronger, and timid people will only be depressed and lost. I also want to say that failure is not terrible to all people like me. When we can stand up and face it bravely, we grow up. So don't give up on your dreams, even if there are more difficulties and obstacles in front of us, we must keep a dream of a dream!
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