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rincess Rose, why are you crying?�� After listening to her sincere and simple words Cheap Cigarettes, I realized that there are many brothers and sisters in Xiaoyue, like stars, and the shape of Xiaoyue is outstanding: the skin of the tender fans, the golden eyes... even the bee princes I can't help myself. The big sister loves vanity, evil, fiercely said: "Little girl - give me your beautiful skin, dig me the blinking eyes... And, what is it, let the bee prince drunk in love with you? Tell I, tell me? The second sister is very graceful, very delicate, second only to the small moon: "Little girl - give me a nest into the bush! Jump into the deep valley! Never be discovered by the world. You let them admire, but ignore the posture I am so soft, do you know? I am very lonely, peach blossoms are also jealous, and the milk is milky: "Get out of the flower world, fast horses and whip! I am the queen of flowers, the flower king, don't be arrogant because of a little lady Newport 100S." You don't deserve it, you don't deserve anything! Magnolia sister talks coldly: "Small moon - don't know what to do, I give it to & elementary school composition & you have a good potted plant and go cool! Don't break into the fight for the bee prince The game, you are too tender! Only the same age of small tea to comfort the small moon, let her have a warmth of the "month, the flower world no one does not want to have the true love of the bee prince, want to open it! After the summer everything will be Ok! They must be kind to you with sweet words! Stronger! The little moon can't bear the irony of mountains and nights every night. She is now blind and the face of the big sister and sister Marlboro Lights. The closed eyes are the insults of the peach blossom magnolia. Even a wonderful dream is turned into a cold sentence. Only the same age of Camellia does not want to fight against each other, just silently open, simple and plain, always comforted her with gentle language when frustrated in the small moon. But this is not enough. When the little moon is awake from a nightmare Newport Cigarettes, how scared and helpless, the little moon is finally melancholy and dead Wholesale Cigarettes, only the small tea flowers are sighing again and again.
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