In this icy city where

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In this icy city where steel supports are poured, I have unwittingly integrated into this society. This society, which feels far away in the world, may not have discovered it myself Online Cigarettes. My life has changed. In the original real life, there was a bit more hypocrisy; in the original simple life Cigarettes For Sale, there was a bit more mentality; in the original happy life, there was a bit more melancholy; in the original fulfilling life, there was a bit more emptiness. So, longing for such a life. There is a house of your own, not too big, you can live three or five people, and a few friends can also open it on the line; no more luxury, a soft sofa, a family courtyard with various effects can still be passed; Don't face the sea, a floor-to-ceiling window, get the sun, and get the moon. In this way, when the spring blossoms, even if you can't see the red mountains, you can see a kind of life like a tender shoot. There is a beloved lover, no need to be romantic, as long as you can feel the tiny ones every day Carton Of Cigarettes. But it is true that you can do it well. You can cook together on Saturdays, go out for a ride on a bicycle or a motorcycle on Sunday morning, and go shopping together in the afternoon. If you have time, you can also bring a few friends together. Such a kind of life, stable work, no need for high wages, enough to support the family. Two days a week, you can cut a few fruits and catch a few small fish in your spare time. I can take a few trips a year to see my parents. Such a kind of life, there is a group of iron buddies, they can come to my house with some dishes during the holiday, open the door of my house without saying hello mokingusacigarettes.com, skillfully come to the kitchen, open the refrigerator, cook for yourself, Then leave the cup of the plate to go away. After such a kind of life, when I was old, I sat on a wicker chair and listened to the red and purple love songs of the young, reminiscent of the young people at that time. if. Inexplicably think of someone, and then the old face was red, shaking his head and smiling, sipping a cup of tea, and sighed, the tears at that time also flowed for others Cigarettes Online. It turns out that everything can pass, and it��s boring, but it��s a bit of a taste. Such a kind of life, etc. I used my time to smooth my own edges and corners, An An heart, simple, plain, steady, just hope, this life is light
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