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Reading "Six Life" is purely accidental, just because the IPAD is broken, the next novel can't be seen, so I have to take out the long-lost KINDLE. Looking through it, I accidentally smashed the Six Chapters of Floating Life Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa. I couldn't continue reading only when I started reading it, because this book is paid for. However, the price of this e-book is very cheap, more than a renminbi, it is more cost-effective than buying a paper book. In order to finish this "Six Life Chapters", I went to Amazon to recharge the name one morning, and then I bought the book "The Story of the Floating Life" and "The Leisure Story" in front of this "Six Life". It was very enjoyable, and the later "Fang Kee Ji" added a kind of deep sorrow, so that later "Lang You Ji Ji", "Zhongshan Calendar" and "Health Record" did not have much thought to read. Originally, reading is also necessary, but there is no Chen Hao in the book, so there is less anger, so that the words are boring, like chewing wax. Chen Yu is the wife of the author Shen Fu, knowing and understanding, and Shen Fu is deeply loved and loved. No matter what, the fat and fat, died of illness. The so-called loving couples are difficult to bear, but they are like Shen Fu and Chen Yu. In the feudal ethics of the family, it is rare to find a person who is in love with the situation Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, but not for the parents, but also for the livelihood, the pain is so tired, and finally the love couples yin and yang, separated. Looking at the whole book, there is a feeling of sadness and regret in the lines of the author, but there is nothing to help. The fate is so bad that it will be difficult to overturn. Selfishness is envious of Chen Yu��s love. He loves his husband in his life, and his feelings are deep and he will never give up. Let's swim together in the mountains and rivers, together with poetry and poetry, together with the wine Cheap Newport Regular Online, how good. Nai Tianyi is cold, and the gentle and kind Chen Hao is not seen in Weng Gu Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S. She has to settle down with her husband and live a life of poverty. The so-called poor couples are sorrowful, no matter how they love each other, they still can't escape the life of rice and oil. In the face of livelihood issues, no amount of wind and snow will help. It is a great pity for people to live under the fence and to migrate again and again Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online. It��s a pity that Chen Xi��s sighs the world��s beauty. Generally, all women want to have a husband who is as infatuated as Shen Fu, but they do not want to have such an ending. Life is just impermanent, and we don��t want to change direction because we don��t want to. It stubbornly moves toward its trajectory, and we can only struggle without hope. In the end, it looks down on us in an incomparably cold way, seeing our sorrow, watching us sorrow, seeing us despair, seeing our broken heart. After the sea of ??sangtian, it is still proud, but we feel that life is a dream. In the sigh of the sigh, the stone is in the fire, the dream is in the body. This body was originally a dream, and it was a dream, just wandering around. After Chen Yu��s death, Shen Fu sent his love to the mountains and rivers, and cultivated the Tao to maintain his health. Those who practice the cultivation of the mind are transparent, and in the end, they can't get a glimpse of love. Knowing this, is it necessary to remove the heartache, is it a kind of obsession? The monastic practice is also obsessive. The big realm should be no desire. If you don't ask for the road, you can count the merits.

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