Wake up in the morning

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Wake up in the morning, open the curtains, and stand in front of the window, I saw a thin layer of sloping white snow on the ground, and a piece of bamboo on the southeast corner was hung with snowflakes, such as a beautiful flower at night. The little white flower, this is the most holy flower in the world. I don't know when the snow was coming last night. At this time, there are still sparse snowflakes outside the window. The weather forecast says that there will be snow tomorrow. The wife said: "The weather forecast is really spirit!" After the wife said, I was recollecting when I wrote a "weather forecast". A whistle broke my meditation and saw a car slowly enter the yard Cigarette Cartons Wholesale. And see another person walking in a thin snow and hurried out. I think this is something to do in the snow. I have nothing to do, simply open the window, listen to the snow, I want to hear mystery. I didn��t feel a spring breeze blowing, but I still had a little coolness. I thought it was the twenty-sixth day of the lunar calendar. A few days ago, the ��rainwater�� solar terms passed, and it��s already spring. Snow is coming to the spring. Let's call it Spring Snow. The snow in the spring will always bring some mystery and fantasy. Listening to the snow will always make people think, which is very different from other things. . I remember that I wrote a essay "Listen to the Rain". There are many differences between listening to the rain and listening to the snow. Listening to the rain is heavy, slamming, and sloppy; listening to the snow, listening to it, there seems to be no sound, so some people say: "The snow falls silently." In fact, you may wish to listen carefully, snow is There is sound, this is the mystery of nature. The sound of snow is light, floating, chic and calm. When it falls, it emits a thin "shasha" sound, which is faint, seemingly absent, sometimes No, there seems to be a sense of rhythm: "Shasha, rustling, sand, and listening to the sound of falling snow, just like listening and listening to a myth that has never been heard before. This is a novelty, magic, mystery that leads you to A magical realm; to appreciate and listen to the sound of falling snow Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online, but also to enjoy and listen to a beautiful and elegant poem, will always bring you a good aftertaste; to appreciate and listen to the sound of falling snow Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, as if to enjoy and listen to the snow dance music, this The beautiful music will bring you a wonderful enjoyment. These are not Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. In fact, snow is the messenger sent by God. The sound of falling snow is the voice of an angel. Listening to the snow is listening to the sound of nature. From the big self The distant sound. Savouring the feeling of listening to the snow, there will be a lot of harvest, the snow seems to be whispering, like what the world keeps talking about, and it is like singing the arrival of spring, still like It is said that while singing, changing different tones, "Shashasha, Shasha..." It is this gorgeous music that seems to understand and understand, which brings me endless fun to listen to the snow at this time. What I receive is listening. The snow brings the quietness to listen to the snow and savor it. Listening to the snow, I hear a good mood, and the heart dances with the white snow, and enters a beautiful realm, purifying the soul and purifying it like snow. Listening to the snow is a kind of temperament and elegance, which can relax the mood in the leisure, let the tired mind be safe and relieved; listening to the snow can make the writer hear the inspiration from nature, this is a gift from nature. The text in the pen is naturally moved to the snow, and it comes with a mission Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping. The snow in the first month is especially the snow that brings the gospel to the world. In the first month, listening to the snow, I hear the sound of happiness and happiness.

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