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I heard that the lotus pond lotus flower of Xianren Du Zhanggang was open, and the friends had a date. They went to watch the summer season with the ride, the crops grew vigorously, and the fields were covered with green and green. Walk through the wide avenues and tree-lined roads to the front of the pond. The two nests of bamboo in front of the gates of several red tile houses are tall and dense, lush and striking. On the roadside, on the Tanggu, many cars and bicycles have been parked, and visitors who come to appreciate the flowers are in constant stream. From time to time, there were yelling from adults and children from the lotus pond. It attracted us to rush to the past to come to the lotus pond Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale. We saw a large green lotus leaf, crowded, dense layers, high and low, like The pond can't fit down, covered with a pond, and spilled out of the pond. There are also a few pointed and tender lotuses, and the naughty little girl in the green grass in the long pond is running out of the hospital. Only a corner of the water, the clear water mirror days, a lotus flower with a yellow petal, reflecting the clear water, like the lotus mirror makeup. Straight rounded lotus stems, some are blooming with bowls of butterflies, usually pink lotus flowers, some with dark red brush heads like flower buds, and some form a clear water lotus. Thousands of pink blooming lotus flowers are booming, and the bright sunshine shines like a beating flame in the green grove. The lotus pond is also covered with a layer of confused purple mist Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. The blossoming lotus flower around me, like a fairy with a green skirt, is charming and moving. The wind blows, the lotus leaves pick up layers of green waves, the lotus flowers shake with the wind, and the girls dance on the stage. Standing in the Tanggu, the breeze smashed, the fragrance of the lotus flower, the refreshing heart, the refreshing and refreshing. When I was fascinated by the lotus flower, the few laughs of the young man and the young, let me shift my sight. Withdrew my thoughts. They are dressed up in flowers and plants, are on the edge of the pond, carrying lotus leaves, holding lotus flowers, showing various postures, taking photos with lotus flowers. The flowers set off the beauty, the beauty reflects the lotus flower, and the flowers are beautiful, and they are beautiful and beautiful. At this moment, when I think of the ancient poems of the ancient poem "Jiangnan can pick lotus, lotus leaf He Tiantian", there seems to be a group of pure and simple male and female prostitutes, rowing in a canoe, singing and laughing in the beautiful lotus pond in Jiangnan in summer. The moving scene of picking the lotus leaves happily is not far from the girls, and there is a middle-aged couple with a northeast accent. The male body is strong and the female high-headed horses are dressed in dark casual clothes, each carrying a big bag. From the stand, concentrate on adjusting the angle and shooting the lotus. The woman wears a white sun hat, holds a long lens, leans sideways, and keeps pressing the shutter. In the distance, a green cloud-like rice field evokes a pair of egrets, screaming and flying to the distant green mountains and green waters. This pair of like-minded couples with the same taste and interest, in this case, is a pair of gods and gods like the wild cranes, the wind gods are chic, free from the lotus growing water, the sludge is not dyed, not the branches, not the outside, outside Straight in the middle, the character is high and clean, and the Buddha relies heavily Newport Box 100S Carton. The Buddha's scented flowers show the crowd Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, guide the Buddha, and learn the words of the meditation and enhance the cultivation. At this moment, looking at the pleasing lotus flower Newports 100S Price, listening to the beautiful song of "Heart is like a lotus blossom", the breeze is blowing, the lotus is filled, the coolness is soaking, making people forget to return.

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