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Rain Street wrote three kinds of animals, but he must understand the entire jungle to find the context of animal survival and growth in a vast background, as well as various adventures and struggles. Animals don't believe in tears. They only study hard, so they are also the epic poems of life. The tip of the grass is pierced into the eyes of children, instilling beauty, courage, and wisdom. Because of his broad knowledge, he presents a multitude of vast, vast, vast natural worlds, with a lot of splendor and smallness. Even if he writes a small termite in a tree hole, his vision is also thick and thick, jungle, swamp, cloud-covered sky, eye-catching, patrolling the territory like a lion, everything can't escape the eye. Only the brown bear meets famous animals, jumping. Shrimp, water worm, mountain creek Marlboro Red 100S For Sale, termite, fish, python, vulture, grey wolf, squirrel, porcupine, wolf howling, whale, dolphin, bee, elk and so on. As the protagonist, the python and lion continue to work with wildebeests, snakes, cheetahs, monitor lizards, whites, jackals, zebras, bison, warthogs, hares, gazelle, elephants, hyenas, and giraffes. Each animal does not pass by, but is accurate to habit, hunting, birth, frustration, and has a wonderful narrative. Little is not cute, arrogant, noisy, attention is attracted by a butterfly, a flower, the perception of danger is still few Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, undisguised release of love and hatred, is the horrible python, the naive naughty is also cute they Cross the tip grass, nectar tree Newport Box 100'S, ginger, thorn yellow lotus, baobab, etc., to survive hard and brave. Those rushing four hooves, flowing hair, screaming in the sky, shocking people. Quietly swaying, hidden in the dark river, deep in the grass, the breath of desire is a little bit sprayed, a little action, even the eyes flash, it is your life and death. Life is powerful and fragile. When they lose their parents, their homes, and they face the strange jungle alone, they have no chance to immerse themselves in loneliness, helplessness, crying, wandering, forming alliances, fighting, hurting, calling king or death, raising offspring, protecting motherhood, solving disputes, and guarding the ancient The genetics of the ancestral training, but also take the initiative to learn new experiences from other animals. If there is no human intervention, they follow the natural screening, evolution, and live a life of the rainy street with a strong inner heart to write their strong and moist soul. It is also said that fragility is not the nature Cigarette Wholesale Prices. As long as you bravely attack, you will grow your wisdom, overcome the suffering, and win the poetry and charm of the dignified rain street for yourself. Animals can't speak, sadness or anger is expressed by howls and actions. With a keen sense, Yujie uses the simple and vivid metaphor of the vocabulary terminology. It is clear in three words and two words, and it is a familiar thing for the children. It is easy to build a bridge in the unknown. For example, three bears are drilled underground. Mushrooms; soft forelimbs like springs; brown bears rolling down like small balls; foam on the side of a mountain crab is like hanging a long necklace of pearls in the neck; bears eating a bunch of termites, more like eating popsicles The head of the python is sometimes like the ball head of a golf club, sometimes like a periscope in a submarine, and sometimes turns back like a clip; the brown bear rolls a thick mud like an astronaut in a spacesuit. Some of the metaphors are strange, the flesh smells like a small insect swarm; the little snakes that are born are like the flower buds that suddenly bloom on the body of the snake mother; the crocodile screams at the gods, and several lifebuoys are put on the body and kidnapped by the python Newport Cigarette Price. Too much image, reading it can not help but stem from the author's attention to children's life, the closeness of nature, the story can be heard, but it is not enough, good animal stories should also penetrate a variety of feelings, we also got a dense Bloody space, from time to time to screen the warmth of the light. The little brown bear who lost her mother suddenly flew into the arms of a strange old bear, and the palm of the hand that the bear king had to photograph was soft. The lioness went to the swamp alone to find the lion cub, attacked by the local lion group. The new lion king Kete saved her. The lioness leaned her head weakly on Cote. Cote put out her tongue to help her clean the blood of the nose and use the tail. Hook its tail and look at it softly. Love and strength return to the lioness. The Lion King grabbed a piglet and played it for the little lion to train hunting skills. It seemed that the responsible father bought toys for his children, which was fun and touching. The three little lions grew up to be out of the group. The Lion King took the initiative to hunt and left the sons with the last meal of the elephant. The little lion struggled to hunt a giraffe and gave it to his parents. Parting heavy, so that they can not eat, the lion Wang looked at the lion, the little lion disappeared in the territory outside the "Lion King", the rain street showed that complex emotions, parents are sad, and must be laissez-faire, And no matter how good a home is, children must not be greedy, and they must go to a strange world to play their own country. There is a decisiveness in it, and there is a sense of shame in the animals. A lion king defeated and ate his own cubs for life, and even enjoyed it, causing the lion's strong contempt. The lioness fought to protect the territory, but the old lion was scorned. The lioness rushed up to bite the old lion, and the contrast was bitten. At this time, the new lion rushed to bite the neck of the old lion. The lioness brought all the sisters together. The lioness worships the hero and never lives under the leadership of the blasphemy. The kind of blood, ambition, and respect for this is also the law and secret of the jungle. The hierarchy is strict and the power is great, but responsibility and responsibility are lost. Once trust is lost, in an instant Collapsed. Yujie wrote: "Trust and solidarity, whether in the animal world or in human society, is the protection of the opponent, but it is not human. Animals like to fight, have the pleasure of tearing the flesh, wildness is the foundation of life. We Seeing the author staring at the eyes of the jungle, his calmness and contemplation, such mature writing will overcome the time, mentioning the python, the lion, the brown bear, your eyes must be Babu, Kurt, Hagen

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