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Many experiences in life will filter out many people like a sieve. Some people who filter out will make you feel hurt, make you feel embarrassed, confused, but over time, you will return to the original state, let us feel that the sky will fall down, now think about it is also The clouds are light and windy. Yes! Everything will pass. Life is like this, it is arrogant, full of variables and ruthless, but we will adapt slowly, accepting suddenly want to empty! Like ever, lying on the lawn of the NPC campus, watching the blue sky, listening to a favorite song listening to a song, sometimes suddenly came to inspiration, want to write something, so take notes and start urgently. Friends who have long read my article should know. For example, "Zhao Lei, I hope you have wine, meat and girl for the rest of your life", "Do not listen to Eason Chan if there is a story, because there is always a song sung into your heart" Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes, "This is life", "Who is not lost in youth", etc. . I went to Shanghai in the first stage and went to Fudan University. It was especially embarrassing in high school. Looking back now, if you study hard at the time, you may actually realize your dreams, not the general ones. Recalling the days of high school at that time, I felt that I wasted a lot of time at that time, but I really didn't know that I really wanted to say to myself at that time: "Why can't you put mathematics and chemistry on the ground Free Carton Of Newports, and many of them are excuses for finding yourself." I have already understood some truths. I will not do a single question. I will not do it ten times. Learning programming every day is to change my own destiny, once edited, copywriter, editor. To today's engineers. I have to be a young man with a slash. I have to write an article that everyone is satisfied with. At the same time, I will be an excellent software and hardware engineer. I will go shopping with my friends. I refused. My time is very busy after work. After dinner, I have to play with the child for a while, then he washes and sleeps, I will continue to learn programming. Since last year, I've gotten started getting familiar with Eclipse, going to strings to databases. Study late at night Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, study on holidays, all use piecemeal time. I am very happy when I think of myself and mastering a technology. Sometimes it will make people feel that they are not gregarious. Especially in the office, everyone is talking about where to open the eyes, Chanel has another limited edition, who has changed the new bag, etc. to know what is more important to us, compared to those who do not you How much you have a lot of gossip, my time is worth doing more meaningful things. Low-quality socialization is not as good as high quality alone. Every step in life needs to rely on one's own ability to complete the period of self-improvement in life, and we must do it alone. It is not to resist the group, the excitement can be seen everywhere, but it is lonely but rare. With loneliness, the soul is more free. It doesn't have to cater to who's preference. It doesn't have to wait for the pace. It doesn't have to be because of the compromise Buy Discount Cigarettes. It feels that you have lost the motivation to persist. Suddenly think of the classmate winter, the other person skipping classes at university. She gets up at five o'clock every morning, starts to recite English words, and then carries a bag to the classroom. On the seven o'clock campus, I rubbed shoulders with so many people who yawned. After school, I like to be in the library. Every day is the person who comes back in the bedroom. The classmates said that she was not gregarious, so she was given a lot of "illness", and now the girl is doing surgery for a so-called foreigner in a hospital in Los Angeles. A dissident person may not necessarily be a living and free person, but a person who lives what he wants must be a person who is not so gregarious. I always feel that my transformation is because I have found a child. In fact, life is very short. We have to seize those times in a limited time to do what we want to do. Go round your dreams. The premise of these dreams is that you have your own skills, you have the ability to earn high salaries, and you have a high salary to meet the lives of children and their families. Because in the loved ones, the children need you, you will not be ashamed of the colleague Nana's father was hospitalized some time ago, nearly 300,000 operations. I ask, can you dare to do without money? And the doctor said that the money could be washed at any time. Money, sometimes filial piety. If you have enough money, you will not be powerless to your parents. Of course, if you have not experienced buying a house, you will not know how important the money is. If you always feel that your parents are yours and always want to be old, then you realize that this day is really a bit late. I remember that there should be a good saying in Longtai: "Children, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare with others, but I hope that you will have the right to choose in the future, choose meaningful and time-consuming. Work, not forced to make a living, is why I still have to learn after getting married and having children, just to have the ability to choose a high salary. Not to become a rich, not to enjoy. But one day, you have the confidence to say, I You can live a better life; you also have the temper to say to your loved ones, dear, don't be afraid, all I have to pretend to be a group at a young age, the ruin is not just your environment Cigarette Wholesale Online, but also your child's The starting point. Effort is the ability to earn a high salary, just to not be able to do anything for the loved ones, just to be able to say to the world that "the code that is not written is always reported again and again, nothing, filter ideas, continue!"

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