A Pocket Full of Pine Cones

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Following Amanda writing prompts for the month of June.

Todays prompt makes me feel uneasy. Who am I to be giving someone advice on what is best? The statement makes me feel bossy and judgemental and that is not how i choose to live my life anymore.

At one time in my life I was judgemental. It may have stemmed from having my first child and learning about a new way to parent; Attachment Parenting Cheap Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. It felt right and I knew this was how i wanted to raise my children. When I told family and friends about this new way of parenting, so differently from how many of us was raised, I was met with eyebrow raises and lectures. Because I was not supported, I became defensive and then became a supporter and an advocate for breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting. I became judgemental of other families raising there children differently then me. I went into a negative place for awhile. Until I had parenting under my belt for sometime, did I let go of the negativity and judgement. I realized just as I did not want to be preached at about parenting a certain way that I was doing the same thing and offending others. I love the saying that we are all doing our best with the resources that we have. We truly are all doing our best through both the struggles and triumphs!

Going back to the statement above everyone should, I say that everyone should be true to themselves first and foremost. Do what makes you feel happy, life is a long long time and there is so much to experience! Let go of judgement. It leads to freedom! Let go, be yourself and love up everyone around you! Let be kind to ourselves and others so that our children can learn from our example!

We are on the cusp of a new journey. One that has been anticipated for the last three years.

In September of 2011, at 8 months pregnant I moved back to my hometown with my husband and children. A place that I said I would never move back to. The place that I lived in since I was 10 years old until I graduated from high school. My emotions were a roller coaster and I was having pregnancy complications. I was trying to pull it all together and be supportive of my husband promotion and transfer but I had a deep unsettling feeling in my stomach. I kept thinking about how long would we have to stay here until we could be transferred again?

The three years spent here were the most stressful of my life due to the move, my parents marraige crumbling, and having to support various family members with personal issues. All of this stress took a toll on me until I came to a place where I could assert myself, place boundaries, and accept that I couldn change my family but I could change how I responded Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping. When this epiphany occurred, life started to get better and improve. My husband place of work suddenly ceased operation Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, a quick transfer occurred and now here we are embarking on our next life journey, to a new community which I have high hopes will be the right place for our family. Yes we are on the cusp of a new life adventure and for once in a long time it feels absolutely right. I look forward to sharing our adventures with you!


Every morning, we try to start our homeschooling day with a nature or neighborhood walk. Sometimes we walk, sometimes the children ride their bikes. We know we may not have too many more days like this before the snow comes, so we like to take advantage of getting outside as much as possible. Today, the weather was cool, crisp, and damp as we walked down the street and onto the trails. Our oldest child noticed the weather right away. He felt it in his body and shivered on entering the cool crisp air.

We take our time and walk slowly through the forest trail touching the needles gently on the trees, feeling the wetness of the earth with our fingers as we gather nature treasures from the bottom of the forest floor. We listen to the raven speak as we make our way onto the forest trail. There are little birds singing in the trees. Nearby, we hear a squirrel chipping. The squirrels must be gathering nuts for the long winter the children remark.

We notice death all around us. Leaves have fallen to the ground, the flowers are wilted and dying. We wonder how it all can be so beautiful? We use the experience of autumn to talk about how everything returns to the earth and the life cycle of animals and plants. I explain this in a gentle way to my curious children.

The colors of the earth are so amazing at this time of year. The beautiful reds, yellows, greens, and browns that can be found all around us. The changing leaves lie silently on the ground and gently float through the air. Up ahead, the children notice a tree stump and we count the rings. The tree is sixty years old. We look at the low lying clouds in the sky andour oldest child predicts snow. We notice how clean and fresh the air smells in the forest but as we walk closer to town, we smell wood smoke in the air keeping homes warm on this cool crisp day.

Today I felt alive. I think we all did as we embraced Mother Nature with open arms Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. These everyday experiences leave me breathless, emotional as we remain fully present in our everyday lives. am so grateful for days like this. The joy I see on my children's faces as they run and jump through the forest climbing over roots, tree stumps and rocks. Nature is their playground. The awe I see on their faces as they ask questions or make discoveries of their own. From the littlest one playing in the dirt or picking up pine cones to put in her pocket to the oldest making up a story about a squirrel in a tree.

This is what I envision homeschooling to be about; learning from nature. From just experiencing a thirty minute walk we touched on all of the regular school subjects, Math, Science, Language Arts and Health and Wellness.

We learned about science through talking and observing the seasons, explored weather, looked at the life cycle of a tree and identified its age, learned about our five senses and how to engage them, listened to the song of the animals and observed them in their environment, and learned the names of trees, plants, and animals.

For Math we counted tree rings, leaves and pine cones Buy Discount Cigarettes.

For Language Arts, we looked for the letters in our environment. We saw the letter A depicted in a tree branch as well as the letter E on a pine tree. We also told stories about the animals of the forest.

For health and wellness, we received 60 minutes of exercise from walking, biking, and climbing in nature. We talked about personal safety in the forest and crossing the street.

Most importantly, we also cleared our minds and nourished our souls. To me, everyday moments like this in nature is why we homeschool. This is what learning should be about, nature based and child centered. It about bringing out the best in each other and fostering natural curiosity.

Welcome to A Pocket Full Of PineCones. A place to to document our journey as we follow the homeschool path. Thank you for taking the time to join us on our adventures.
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