Life is alive, and it is also faint,

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Life is alive, and it is also faint, and it is also very hot--now we seem to live in a "box": standardized cities, streets, standardized work, learning, standardized life, entertainment... living in these rules Tired? Let us jump out of the bondage and change it.hoven said that one of the great advantages of a great person is the bold choice between the old and the novel.d with the same stone, many sculptors say that it is a stone that is not art, but Rodin knows this stone with his unique vision and carved it into the famous David. As other sculptors have said: the lines on this stone are far from art, but why does Rodin not think so? Because he took an unconventional road Discount On Cartons Of Newport 100'S. He used his own skills to avoid the inherent lines of stone and created a great spectaclet made them create a miracle? It is the courage to dare to jump out of the box!nfident! Jump out of the rules that bind you and create a blue sky that belongs to you! When I grow up, I want to be a white angel who can help the wounded! "This is eight years old. I stood in the red flag and shouted out my ideals to the bloody national flag. I don't know if you have realized my dream of being a child at the age of 22!"y! Hello Newports Cigarette For Sale, 22 years old. I was the one who loved it eight years ago, and you are naughty! I really don't know if my 22-year-old stupid temper has changed? ! I am 22 years old Cigarets Free Shipping, should youam full of curiosity and excitement about you in the future. Can't wait to know your world at 22? I guess it must be fun? Have you changed? Have you been cold-blooded by the experience of life and the competition of society? I hope that you still have a kind heart at that time. . Even if the world is cruel, please don't put your name and interest first Marboro Reds Cheap. I guess you won't, I will always maintain a kind heart in this world, and give you an example first! Remember: If you see some old people fall to the ground, please don't doubt them. Even if they may be disguised. But if you walk past them but are indifferent, then you are really cruel!ey! Hello, 22 years old. You should have handled your friend relationship very well at that time? It must not be as complicated as I am now, always making some simple things. But now I also work hard and study hard Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping Newport 100 Box. I want to tell you that I am a good role model and will never give you a face.'t want me to be 22 years old, to contribute to this country, this society. I only hope that you are a person responsible for your own life. You won't regret what you have done before. When you think about the growth and experience of the past, you will smile and say: "I am worthy of my youth! I am worthy of my past! I have no complaints, no regrets!" Then turned to face the future life.y! I am 22 years old and want to say to you: Come on. No matter what kind of setbacks and difficulties you have encountered, please be sure to stick to it and keep smiling. I will also work hard to live the moment. Come on!

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