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The experimental class is a course that allows us to conduct research experiments on the structure and nature of some things. The experimental class can be divided into physical experiment class and plant experiment class. The Plant Experiment class specializes in plants and reveals the mysteries of the plant world. Let me introduce the experiments on plant onions. took a microscope from the cabinet under the table and placed it horizontally on the table. This was to prevent accidental fall on the ground and damage the microscope. Next, put all the parts on and adjust them.ick up the subject, such as the half of the onion, use a knife to carefully draw a "#" on the onion skin, then use a small pliers to slowly tear the square in the middle of the word "#" and place it on the load. Place on the slide and gently cover it with a cover slip Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale In Usa. If you use excessive force, you may damage the slides and coverslips. After the cover is made, the air cannot enter. The teacher said: "The cell nucleus of the plant is invisible to the naked eye, so I should use the iodine solution to 'stain'." I took out a straw and dipped some iodine in the bottle containing the iodine solution, dripping from the gap between the two slides. Go in, take out a paper towel and wipe off the excess iodine, and you're done.lly, place it on the stage of the microscope, press the switch on the left, and the light in front of the microscope will light up immediately. After adjusting the mirror, close the left eye to the eyepiece, and then turn thes time, what you see with your left eye is a brand new world. Each cell has a cell membrane, and the structure of the cell wall and nucleus is clear. The cells are followed one by one and arranged in order. Each cell is connected without a gap. Moreover, each cell has a structure such as a nucleus, a cell wall, and a cell membrane. Estimate the size of the cell: one centimeter from the mirror, the magnification of the eyepiece is twenty times fifteen, then the cell is three hundredths of a centimeter. I can't help but sigh: the original cells are so small.ter the experiment, slowly remove the slides and coverslips, open them, wash them in the sink next to them, dry them with a paper towel, and put them in the cabinet together with the microscope.ough the experimental class, we not only mastered the knowledge of learning cells, but also learned some knowledge that books could not learn. Therefore, we must take every experimental class seriously. What is a dream? What is the dream? Some people will tell me: dreams are imaginations when dreaming. I always think that this reason is only for children. But it��s not unreasonable to think about it now Discount Marlboro Menthol Black 100'S. Dreams are indeed imagined in dreams. Only by imagining the work after you grow up, we will think about what the work in this dream is. If we think this is the ideal work in one has their own best and most sincere dreams. Animals are no exception: birds dream to sing, pony dreams to run, fish dreams to swim, and so on. It is because of dreams that there will be a beautiful world now. But... I am embarrassed to say: I, I have not found my best and most sincere dream; to say the best, the most sincere dream is the ideal. In fact, I am not without dreams. Initially, my dream was to be a teacher. That is, I think the teacher is a highly respected profession. As I grow older, I understand the hardships of the teacher. I unknowingly gave up this. dream. Of course there are cartoonists, animators and so on. But when the time slipped away quietly, these dreams elementary school to the first day Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale Takes Visa, from the first day to the second day, I feel that I am mature. When I am slowly mature, I finally understand the importance of my dream. It was also during the second day of this second year that I fell in love with writing. That's exactly the case, so I didn't listen to the teacher's point of emphasis during class �C I have been writing in the book, and that's it. Whether it's a book, a book or e I was a child, I loved the subject of Chinese. This made me choose the way for my high school from an early age. The more I grow up, the more I love this subject and the more I write. I like to read books Newport 100S In Virginia. I hold a book from time to time during class. It is I was in the geography class, because I was ignorant of geography and because I was only happen if we have a dream Newport Tobacco Wholesale. If it is only a unilateral fantasy, it is just a dream. I want to start with my dreams. Only when I grow up slowly realize my dreams. One day, t in the direction of my dreams, chasing my dreams. On the journey to realize my dreams, I have been running. One day, I will run to the finish line and run to the place to sprint. No matter how long the time is, I will eventually realize it

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