In the six years of this elementary

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In the six years of this elementary school, I have had many teachers, but the most memorable one is the class teacher of our class, Mr. Qiu. She is like my loved one, gave me a lot of love. When I failed, Mr. Qiu stood up and encouraged me. When I was not confident, Teacher Qiu gave me a smile and made me confident and courageous.king of Teacher Qiu Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online, there is a picture in my mind: Mr. Qiu��s hair is golden, his face is white, and there is a lovely little dimple. He smiles very cute, the teacher is a little fat, and he walks and shakes. Akira, and when Mr. Qiu gave lectures to us, the movements were very funny, and the faces were smiling from time to time. Teacher Qiu is very concerned about meemember that when I transferred in the fourth grade, I was a student with poor grades. Teacher Qiu was very confident in me. In the first section of the Chinese class, Mr. Qiu asked us to take notes, but I was sitting there and stumbled. When Teacher Qiu saw me, he walked over to me and carefully taught me where to write. I still didn't ask me: Can you understand? I looked at the teacher's gentle eyes and answered: I understand Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes. In every language class, the teacher always walked by me. I didn't tell me how to write this Cheap Marlboro 100. How to do it, I also told my classmates to teach me more. Slowly, with the help of the teacher and encouragement, I was formed as a language leader from a poor person. When I didn't test well, the teacher didn't say anything to me, but said to me with a smile: Shu Qi, you can't test this time Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale, you must test it next time, can't be so careless, you know? This is how the teacher encouraged me to give me confidence in the next exam. This is a teacher who gave me encouragement and care for me.her Qiu loves us very much. She is reluctant to hit us. I remember it once in my mind. One of our classmates is very naughty. I didn��t listen carefully to class. I also confessed that the words could fly. Qiu��s teacher was so angry that he picked up one. The stick gently went down to the shoulder of the classmate. The classmate didn't feel it. He smiled secretly. We knew that Teacher Qiu didn't want to hit us, but wanted to scare us with this ruler. We listened carefully to class.acher Qiu shed tears for us, she was dumb in order to give us lessons; she worked hard for us all day, with a trace of wrinkles on her face; she corrected the homework and preparation for us day and night, with a few whites on her head. Hair; I am a small grass in your hands, thrive under your careful care, your wrinkles are my life, one of your white hair is for me, Mr. Qiu, we will be two months Separate, maybe we will become strangers, but you still try to teach us in these two months, no matter how tired you are Marlboro 100S Cigarettes, you still stick to it.cher Qiu, your education is my life, I will never forget. The only thing I can repay you is to study hard in these two months and reward you with my

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